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How do I turn on PeopleCode trace?

How do I turn on PeopleCode trace?

To enable/disable PeopleCode tracing while online:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Utilities, Debug, Trace PeopleCode. The Trace PeopleCode page appears.
  2. Select or deselect the desired Options.
  3. Save the page. If you selected any of the check boxes, the system starts writing to the trace file.

How do I enable trace for process in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft Tricks

  1. Go into the process definition of the Application Engine.
  2. On the “Override Options” tab, on the parameter list, choose APPEND and enter the following:
  3. Run the App Engine through the normal processing pages.
  4. Once you are finished, change the settings back (most likely it was originally set as NONE).

How do I enable trace for application engine in PeopleSoft?

To set Application Engine traces:

  1. Start Configuration Manager, and select the Trace tab.
  2. Select the appropriate trace options. You can select any combination of options.
  3. Click either the Apply or OK button to set trace options.

How do you put trace in application engine in PeopleSoft?

Process Scheduler To do this, we need to open the process definition for the App engine in question and navigate to the Override Options tab. Select ‘Append’ in the Parameter List drop-down and fill in the Parameters field with the below command. Disables tracing. Initiates the Application Engine step trace.

How do I read Peoplesoft trace?

xxxxx is reserved for each line written to the trace file. If there is a second process, then it would be 2-xxxxx, for the third one it would be 3-xxxxx and so on. It indicates the timestamp at which the trace line is written. This timestamp is retrieved from the machine in which PeopleTools is running.

What kind of SQL does PeopleSoft use?

Reverse-engineering knowledge module to retrieve the business objects, tables, views, columns, keys, and foreign keys from PeopleSoft. The database hosting the PeopleSoft tables is Microsoft SQL Server.

How do I debug PeopleCode?

Access the debugger through Application Designer by selecting Debug, PeopleCode Debugger Mode. The Local Variables watch pane and the Call Stack pane open. PeopleCode programs that had breakpoints set from your previous debugging session are opened also, and the breakpoints are restored.

How do I enable Cobol trace in PeopleSoft?

How to Enable COBOL Trace in PeopleSoft

  1. Shutdown the application server.
  2. Open the psappsrv.cfg.
  3. Set the RCCBL Redirect to 1.
  4. Uncomment the line Log Directory (in the domain settings section) <== This is a necessary step.
  5. Set the TraceSQL to 255.
  6. Save psappsrv.cfg.

How do I set up specific tracing in PeopleCode?

Another way to set up specific tracing in Your PeopleCode is by using the SetTraceSQL and SetTracePC functions. For example: Also, here’s a simple example of how to log to a file in your PeopleCode if you need it.

Does PeopleCode trace log SQL statements?

The problem is that when I go into the trace page (&trace=y) and check some peoplecode trace check boxes, it doesnt log anything in the LOG directory. It will log SQL statements, but not PeopleCode.

How to trace a PeopleSoft application engine?

Tracing PeopleSoft Application Engine. 1 Process Scheduler. One of the most common ways of tracing an App Engine is by setting the TRACE at the Process Scheduler. To do this, we need to open 2 Configuration Manager. 3 Command Line. 4 Server Configuration Files.

What is the value of trace 7 in PeopleSoft?

Like all other PeopleSoft trace flags these are bit fields so if you want trace values 1, 2 and 4, you would set the trace to 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 ( -TRACE 7 ). Disables tracing. Initiates the Application Engine step trace.

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