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How do you calculate Inol?

How do you calculate Inol?

The formula is simply: Reps / (100 – Intensity) where Intensity is the weight lifted as a percentage of your one rep max. For example, if your max Squat is 300 pounds, and you performed 225 x 5 during one set, your INOL value is 0.2 computed as follows: 5 reps / (100 – 75).

How do you read a prilepin chart?

The chart, also called Prilepin’s Table, is as follows:

  1. The first column shows the training intensity – the percentage of 1RM (1 Repetition Maximum) being used.
  2. The second column lists the number of reps per set observed during training.

How is band tension calculated?

After you use the above technique, use this formula to calculate your band tension: (Total weight on scale) – (your body weight) – (bar weight) = band tension. Here is what your approximate tension should be.

What does Inol stand for?

INOL stands for Intensity for the Number of Lifts. Hristov uses a simple equation that mathematically evaluates an individual routine. It is an excellent tool that helps to quantify the overall difficulty of a routine and workout.

Are Rogue resistance bands worth it?

ROGUE RESISTANCE BANDS REVIEW FOR HOME GYMS AND TRAVEL WORKOUTS. Rogue resistance bands deliver high resistance (15 pounds to 200 pounds per band) and insanely great quality at a very reasonable price. That balance makes for a piece of kit that is essentially a gym in a bag once you learn how to use them.

What is prilepin chart?

Prilepin’s Chart is a weightlifting-derived chart that provides recommendations for volumes across differing training intensities. It can be applied to powerlifting, but without understanding its pros and cons, you may not be using it effectively.

How do you use relative intensity?

The mathematical equation is this:

  1. Relative Intensity = Actual % of 1RM/Relative Intensity of a given rep.
  2. Relative Intensity = 70% (Actual Percentage) / 85% (Relative Intensity at 6 reps, referred on the chart above)
  3. ~82% relative intensity = 70%/85%
  4. Final Thoughts:

How much tension do red bands add?

Below is the approximate amount of tension when using 2 bands. Bands will be stretched approx 38″ for a 5ft 10″ lifter….Squatting with Bands Tension (2 Bands):

Band Colour Top of Squat (Approx 38″ Stretch) Bottom of Squat (Approx 2″ Stretch)
2 x Orange 13kg 8kg
2 x Red 24kg 14kg

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