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How do you counter Jakiro?

How do you counter Jakiro?


  1. Blink allows Anti-Mage to hunt down Jakiro, who has no way to escape.
  2. Counterspell protects Anti-Mage against all of Jakiro’s magic damage.
  3. Mana Void is very effective against Jakiro because of his high mana.

What is the most pick hero in Dota 2?

HeroesMost Played, This Month

Hero Matches Played Pick Rate
Pudge 4,121,505 26.79%
Sniper 3,311,046 21.52%
Juggernaut 3,167,928 20.59%
Lion 3,163,162 20.56%

How do I use Jakiro?

Use Liquid Fire to kill creeps, especially with Dual Breath, making Jakiro great at pushing lanes and clearing any nearby camps. Use Liquid Fire to harass opponents during the laning stage. On top of the damage, the attack speed reduction should mess with the enemy laner’s ability to last hit or deny effectively.

How do you counter dazzle shallow grave?

Outworld Destroyer

  1. If it is cast on a low-enough-health unit at least 1 second into Shallow Grave’s duration, the Shallow Grave will end during the imprisonment, and the target will take lethal damage when released.
  2. It can be used remove Dazzle from the fight at a time he could have saved someone.

Who counters Terrorblade Dota 2?

Death Ward deals physical damage, and Terrorblade’s high armor can help him survive against Death Ward. Maledict can kill Terrorblade if he has no target to be Sundered with, especially in the early game.

Who is the strongest character in Dota?

DOTA Dragon’s Blood: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked

  1. 1 Mirana’s Full Power As The Empress Of The Sun Is Unmatched.
  2. 2 Terrorblade Lives Up To His Name Through Horrifying Manipulation Of Mind & Soul.
  3. 3 The Invoker Acts From The Sidelines But Can Still Cause Indescribable Damage.

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