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How do you create a route in MKMapView?

How do you create a route in MKMapView?

  1. The ViewController is the delegate of the MKMapViewDelegate protocol.
  2. Set the latitude and longtitude of the locations.
  3. Create placemark objects containing the location’s coordinates.
  4. MKMapitems are used for routing.
  5. Annotations are added which shows the name of the placemarks.
  6. The annotations are displayed on the map.

How do I draw a route in Apple Maps?

In the Maps app on your Mac, click a location on the map, such as an intersection, landmark, or business. In the place card, do one of the following: Click Create Route, then enter the destination in the To field (or click the Swap Directions button , then enter the starting point in the From field).

How do I use MapKit in Xcode?

Go to the storyboard. Drag a MapKit View to the main View. Give the MapKit View the same size as the main View. Select the MapKit View and go to the Pin button from the Auto Layout button on the bottom-right of the Storyboard and fill in the following values.

Can I create a custom route in Google Maps?

While Google Maps allows you to create your own custom route, it does come with a few limitations. For example, you can’t start completely from scratch, meaning you’ll have to use the default landscape. You can then customize it by adding other elements, including new locations, routes, and shapes.

How do I create a route in Google Maps app?

Open your map; to add a line, click on the plus sign at the bottom-right then Add a new line. Drag the map until the “X” is at the place you want, then tap the plus sign again. Replicate until you have drawn your line, then hit Done. Hit the Backspace icon if you need to go back a step.

How do I search locations and display results using Apple’s MapKit Swift?

Get user location. Set up a Map Kit View. Use UISearchController to display search results….Set up a Map Kit View

  1. Wire up auto-layout constraints.
  2. Wire up the map delegate.
  3. Enable the user’s location on the map.
  4. Create an IBOutlet.
  5. Zoom to the user’s current location.

How can I draw a route on a map?

How to draw a custom route on Google Maps on a computer

  1. Open Google Maps in a browser and make sure you are signed into your Google account.
  2. Click the three-line menu at the top left corner and then, in the menu, click Your places.
  3. Click the Maps tab at the top of the page.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click Create Map.

How do I create a route in Apple Maps on my iPad?

Create a route You may use the Search box to identify your destination’s location, or you can choose from your guides or favorites. Once it is displayed on the map, you can click on it to show the details of the location. After that, click Create Route From Here and then type the destination name in the To box.

What is Apple MapKit?

MapKit is a powerful API available on iOS devices that makes it easy to display maps, mark locations, enhance with custom data and even draw routes or other shapes on top.

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