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How do you do the Disney Princess challenge?

How do you do the Disney Princess challenge?


  1. Must have 7 children (the dwarfs)
  2. All children have to have the same baby daddy.
  3. Must never answer the door to strangers or old women.
  4. Each child must have a negative trait.
  5. Each child must achieve something (level 5 in 1 toddler skill or level 3 in all toddler skills)

What is The Sims 4 Princess challenge?

In order to represent her love story with a human-turned-frog, she must marry a Sim that has some sort of green feature in their appearance. This can be green hair, green eyes or even green skin. If it’s green and they can’t take it off, it counts.

What is the fairy tale challenge?

The Fairy Tale Challenge is a two day event that includes running the Princess 10K on Saturday, followed by the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. Finishers not only receive a medal for each race, but are also awarded a special challenge medal. The medals this year were absolutely gorgeous!

What type of character is Snow White?

Snow White is innocent, kind, gentle, sweet, and cheerful. Her generous, trusting and helpful nature can cause her trouble, as other people might take advantage of it, such as her vain and evil stepmother.

Who was Snow White’s Prince?

Der PrinzSnow White / Prince

What is the not so berry challenge?

The Sims 4 Not So Berry challenge is a challenge that focuses on generations and colors. The idea is to play 10 generations of Sims with each generation focusing on one color. You can use cheats for money or real estate, but you should complete your Sims’ aspirations and level up their skills too.

Can sims be homeless?

One way is to just add them to community lots as reisdents of that lot and they’ll be homeless and still be playable households whic won’t get ejected from the game.

What is the LEPacy challenge?

A Sims 4 LEPacy* is a legacy-style challenge focusing heavily on the content and features of the expansion, game, and stuff packs. It’s so easy to fall into a rut while playing and miss out on what individual packs have to offer. The LEPacy dares you to explore all the things you’ve ignored!

What is the Disney challenge?

The Disney Challenge itself (sometimes referred to as the “Game Sheet”) is a multi-page written test with questions ranging from very easy to very hard. Questions are usually worth from 1-5 points each based on difficulty and yes, partial credit is awarded for partially correct answers.

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