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How do you get into the secret shop in sacred stones?

How do you get into the secret shop in sacred stones?

In The Sacred Stones, secret shops can also be accessed on the world map, but only during Creature Campaign. The option to enter secret shops will appear regardless of whether the player has the Member Card, but as usual, only a unit with the Member Card will be allowed to enter.

How do I access the secret shop fe6?

To access the Secret Shops, have a character with the Member Card move onto the Secret Shop tile.

Who needs to talk to Legault?

Legault can be recruited by having the main lord (either Eliwood or Hector depending on the mode) or Lyn speak to him. His goal before joining the player is to loot all of the items in the treasure chests in that level and make off with them.

Who can use the earth seal in Fire Emblem?

The Earth seal (Japanese: 地の刻印 Earth Seal) is a class change item which is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It can be used to promote members of almost any base class as a substitute for more specific class change items, similar to Knight Proof of Thracia 776 and Master Seal of subsequent titles.

What does Metis Tome do in sacred stones?

Metis’s Tome (メティスの書 Metisu no sho) is a unique item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Although no clear description is given, when used Metis’s Tome will boost the Growth Rate of all its user’s stats by 5%, and is most useful when utilized on low-level units like Myrrh or the Trainee characters.

Is Heath worth using fe7?

Overall, Heath is a bit of an investment, but he’s definitely worth it. As a flier, he has mobility and utility that most units lack, and as a Wyvern Rider, his combat and durability are much better than other fliers.

How do I recruit Marisa?

Have your Pegasus Knight pick up Gerik. In the next turn, Gerik needs to be dropped off one unit outside of Marisa’s range and within her party’s range, in order to attract them. Once it’s Gerik’s turn again, Marisa should be within range, and have Gerik talk with her. Done!

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