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How do you get p-nitroaniline from aniline?

How do you get p-nitroaniline from aniline?

  1. Step 1: Acetylation of Aniline. In the first step we need to put the removable acetyl protecting group on the.
  2. Step 2: Nitration of Acetanilide. In this step you first form the nitronium ion in situ by dehydration of nitric acid.
  3. Step 3: Preparation of p-Nitroaniline.

Why is p-nitroaniline colored?

Trouble is that traces of acid left will hydrolyze it into p-nitroaniline which has deep yellow to yellow-orange color (this compound has melting point of 146 -149 °C) and it smells like ammonia. Unfortunately, p-nitroaniline is difficult to remove from p-nitroacetanilide by crystallization.

How can you convert aniline to p-nitroaniline give chemical equation only?

Aniline when treated with acetoacetate will produce Nacetyl aniline. This if treated with H2SO4/HNO2/CH3COOH will produce paranito nacetyl aniline, which on hydrolysis will give para nito aniline.

What product is obtained when aniline reacts with concentrated sulphuric acid?

When aniline is treated with cold concentrated sulphuric acid, anilinium hydrogen sulphate is obtained. This on heating with concentrated sulfuric acid at 453 K to 473 K gives p-aminobenzene sulphonic acid which is also known as sulphanilic acid.

What color is p-nitroaniline?

bright yellow
p-Nitroaniline is a bright yellow powder with a faint Ammonia-like odor. It is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. * p-Nitroaniline is on the Hazardous Substance List because it is regulated by OSHA and cited by ACGIH, DOT, NIOSH, DEP, NFPA and EPA.

Which nitroaniline is more polar O or p-nitroaniline explain briefly your answer?

The proximity of amino and nitro functional groups in o-nitroaniline results in intramolecular hydrogen bonding, making the molecule less polar. In p-nitroaniline, the amino group is para or opposite to the nitro group making the molecule more polar.

How is group protected in preparation of P bromoaniline?

Principle: p-bromoacetanilide is prepared by bromination process. Mono substituted products of primary amine can not prepared easily by direct action of a reagent. Bromination of acetanilide gives para brominated acetanilide, mainly because amino group of acetanilide is protected by acetyl group.

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