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How do you make a living willow structure?

How do you make a living willow structure?

To make a living willow wigwam, plant long sturdy willow whips about 30cm apart in a large circle. Leaning in alternate diagonals, with the strongest whips either side of your doorway. Then fill in the gaps with smaller willow whips, depending on how thick you want the walls to be.

How long does it take to grow a living willow structure?

It will take a few years for a willow structure to mature into its envisioned form, so the best time to plant one is now. Anytime in spring, summer or fall is a fine time to start the process.

How long do willow structures last?

about 3 – 5 years
A willow sculpture will typically last about 3 – 5 years if treated annually with a general wood preservative and can enhance any garden or outdoor area.

What type of willow is used for living fence?

vitellina ‘Britzensis’, S. viminalis and S. purpurea are especially good for making living willow structures.

What type of willow is used for living structures?

There’s quite a lot of species that can be used. The most vigorous are things like Salix miyabeana, and schwerinii, and viminalis—which is used a lot in Europe. Unfortunately, I have been unable to grow viminalis until the last few years, until I found one that will grow in Vermont.

How do you care for a living willow sculpture?

Once constructed, the dome can be left for the first couple of months of spring with very little or no maintenance as the willow rods are only starting to grow again at this time. Keep weeds and long grass away from around the dome, although this should not be a major problem due to the weed-matting and bark-chip base.

How long do you soak willow before weaving?

Soaking for too long and it may become slimy, too short a time and the willow will be too rigid still. We have seen a rule of thumb that says soak for one day per foot of length so, four foot lengths of willow should be soaked for four days.

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