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How do you make Darjeeling second flush tea?

How do you make Darjeeling second flush tea?

To Make a Pot of Darjeeling Tea If you have the first flush Darjeeling tea, heat water to 80-85C. For the second flush or autumn flush, heat water to 85-95-C. Add one teaspoon for each cup into the teapot. If you are making an 8 oz cup, then add around 3gm of tea.

Which brand Darjeeling tea is best?

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  • 5 Best Darjeeling Teas To Try.
  • Luxmi Tea’s Tokyo Blend: This green tea was developed in 2004.
  • Silver Tips Imperial, Darjeeling Full Moon Oolong Tea by Makaibari Tea Estate:
  • Darjeeling Spring Chinary Black by Teabox:
  • Darjeeling White Tea by Octavius Tea:

What is so special about Darjeeling tea?

So what makes Darjeeling tea so special? Darjeeling Tea is the only tea in the world to get protection under the Geographical Indication (GI) trademark. It is said that these teas are the highest elevation produced teas world over and it is the altitude that creates an ideal environment for the tea plant.

Which variety of Darjeeling tea is the most sought-after?

White Pride Organic Darjeeling White Tea First Flush 2022 This limited-edition and most sought-after tea has been very selectively plucked from special bushes and minimally processed to maximise the retention of the flavour & bouquet.

What is second flush Darjeeling tea?

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea is a full-bodied tea with a muscatel flavour and fruity finish. What is special about the second flush? The Darjeeling Second Flush tea leaves are plucked only in the favourable months of May and June, and have a stronger hue and taste compared to the other flushes.

When should I drink Darjeeling tea?

Darjeeling shouldn’t be enjoyed right away in the mornings, it should be consumed after eating breakfast. After taking these three factors into account, the ideal time to drink Darjeeling would be mid-morning. Since you’ve already had breakfast, it won’t upset your stomach.

What’s the difference between first flush and second flush Darjeeling tea?

First flush Darjeeling tea comes from the very first picking of the Darjeeling tea harvest season in spring, whereas the second flush comes from the second picking of the same plants in June. The first flush Darjeeling tea leaves are younger, more tender, and have a delicate flavor than the second flush.

What is 2nd flush tea?

Flush refers to the plucking of a tea plant’s harvest. First flush refers to the plucking of the first harvest in the springtime after the tea plants awaken from their winter dormancy. The second flush refers to the plucking of tea plants harvested after the first flush, typically in June.

What is the difference between first and second flush tea?

What is the difference between first and second flush Darjeeling?

What does 2nd flush tea mean?

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