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How do you plant Dichondra repens?

How do you plant Dichondra repens?

Dichondra prefers loose, clod-free, and well-drained soil in partial shade to full sun. Seed should be lightly scattered over the loosened soil bed and watered until wet but not soggy. Depending on how sunny the planting area is, seeds may need to be watered a few times a day until they begin to sprout.

How deep do dichondra roots grow?

It performs best in warm, mild climates in California, Arizona, Hawaii and parts of Texas and Florida. Dichondra is bright green in color with round kidnry shaped leaves. It spreads from creeping stolons and underground rhizomes. Roots are shallow, fibrous and grow to a depth of 6-12 inch- es.

Does dichondra like sun or shade?

Dichondra is a warm-season perennial ground cover, best adapted for cool coastal conditions. It will grow in partial shade, but does best in full sun. Because dichondra does not tolerate heavy traffic, it is best adapted for small areas rather than large lawns or where mowing is difficult.

Will dichondra grow in the shade?

Dichondra grows best in full sun. In partial shade, the silver varieties tend to stay greener and have a looser habit. Green types tend to have a dense growth habit, so you generally won’t notice much of a difference in full or part sun. Both kinds need the soil to dry out between waterings so they don’t rot.

How fast does Dichondra repens grow?

GUIDANCE ON SEED SOWING DENSITY: Each individual plant can spread to 30 x 30cm and beyond, however this process generally requires 6 – 12months.

Does dichondra like full sun?

They are Drought hardy, tolerating coastal, frost and dry conditions. They grow best in full sun. In partial shade, they tend to stay greener and have a looser habit. Allow the soil to dry between watering, this will prevent the roots from rotting, and your plants will love you for it!

Can dichondra grow in full sun?

How far apart do you plant dichondra?

How To Plant Dichondra Repens. Plant in full sun to part shade, 25-30cm apart with the plant at the same level as it was in the pot. Plant in a hole at least twice the size of the pot.

How far apart do you plant Dichondra?

Will Dichondra choke out other plants?

It can also be used as a ground cover on well-drained soils where it will form dense mats that choke out weeds. Try pairing it with colorful foliage plants, such as ‘Purple Knight’ alternanthera or sun-tolerant coleus.

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