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How do you pronounce Ujjayi?

How do you pronounce Ujjayi?

The pronunciation for Ujjayi is “ooh-JAI-yee.” It has three syllables. The “ooh” is like the oo in the word “room.”

What does ujjayi breath sound like?

Ujjayi Pranayama (breath regulating technique) is a soft, whispering breath which you’ll also hear called victorious breath, or perhaps ocean breath. It’s compared to the sound of the wind through the trees or the waves coming to shore.

What is ujjayi breath also called?

Ujjayi breathing is also referred to as: victorious breath. ocean breathing. snake breathing.

What does Ujjayi mean?

one who is victorious
Etymology. “Ujjayi” comes from the Sanskrit prefix “ud” (उद्) added to it and root “ji” (जि): “ujji” (उज्जि), meaning “to be victorious”. Ujjayi (उज्जायी), thus means “one who is victorious”. Ujjayi breath means “victorious breath”.

What is ocean breath in yoga?

Ocean Breath (also known as Victorious Breath or Ujjayi Pranayama) is a nasal breath that uses a constriction at the back of your throat to control, slow, and extend your inhales and exhales. The sound is reminiscent of waves crashing up on an ocean shore.

What is ujjayi breath good for?

The benefits of Ujjayi are numerous: it soothes the nervous system, calms the mind and increases psychic sensitivity. It relieves insomnia, slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. It is a tranquilizing pranayama, but it also has a heating effect, stimulating the process of oxidation.

How is Ujjayi different from Dirgha pranayama?

We use Ujjayi Pranayama to build heat and energy: in vinyasa flows, Ashtanga, and in the more yang parts of any yoga practice. Dirga Pranayama, or complete breath, is a calming breath where the air goes in and out through your nose.

Why is Ujjayi called victorious?

Ujjayi (pronounced “oo-jai”) is called “the victorious breath” because the dedicated practice of this pranayama will create victory over disturbances in the breath, which will lead to victory over disturbances of the mind.

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