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How do you use nojoom points with Ooredoo rewards?

How do you use nojoom points with Ooredoo rewards?

How to Redeem

  1. Nojoom members will visit the Ooredoo website or mobile App to make the redemption for Home Centre.
  2. Members to visit Home Centre branch.
  3. A dedicated person on the floor will be available to validate the vouchers for Nojoom Members.

How can I get Ooredoo nojoom points?

Every time you spend on Ooredoo products and services, as well as with Nojoom partners, you will be earning Nojoom points. You can earn from up to 20 Ooredoo services that are associated with your Qatar ID.

Can I use nojoom points to recharge?

Ooredoo’s rewards Earn Nojoom Points by using Ooredoo products and services! Redeem your Nojoom points to pay your bill, recharge your phone credit or to make device purchases at the Ooredoo eShop!

How can I get nojoom points in Kuwait?

How does it work?

  1. Join Nojoom through My ooredoo App/ Enroll Now.
  2. Collect points by spending with Ooredoo and Nojoom Earn partners.
  3. Redeem with partners or donate to charity.

How do you redeem Al Meera points?

Redeem Your DOHA MILES for Meera Rewards

  1. Log In to your DOHA MILES account.
  2. Choose Miles Exchange as redemption category.
  3. Select Meera Rewards to exchange your DOHA MILES.
  4. Enter your Meera Rewards Membership ID.
  5. Select the number of Meera Rewards you wish to convert from your DOHA MILES.

How can I use Flexi points in Ooredoo?

  1. Flexi Points can be used on voice calls (local and international), local SMS and local data.
  2. Validity: QR 60, 100, 150 and 200 are valid for 30 days.
  3. There are seven denominations: QR 5,10, 20, 60, 100, 150 and 200.
  4. No Flexi Points cannot be used while roaming.
  5. Yes, you can activate multiple cards.

How do I check my nojoom points Qatar?

Did you know that to check your Nojoom Points balance, all you have to do is dial *139# from your mobile phone?

What is Ooredoo surprise?

What is Ooredoo Surprise? Ooredoo Surprise gives you amazing offers, tailored exclusively to your needs. You can get internet, voice calls, international minutes, extra validity and even buy Nojoom points with generous discounts!

How do I register nojoom?

Learn how to Enrol Via Ooredoo App!

  1. Log in to your Ooredoo account.
  2. Visit Nojoom section and click Enrol Now.
  3. Provide your profile information.
  4. Confirm enrolment.

How are Al Meera points calculated?

Redeem your Credit Card Pearl Points for Meera Rewards Points. Each 1,000 Pearl Points redeemed is equal to 5,000 Meera Rewards.

How many Flexi points is 1 GB?

150 Flexi points
QR 20: 150 Flexi points = 150 mins, 150 SMS or 1 GB, valid for 7 days.

How can I check my Ooredoo special offer?

Go to Ooredoo Surprise on My Ooredoo App, or through your web account and discover your Surprise offers.

How activate Ooredoo free Internet?

Stay connected with free internet, on us

  1. Customers can opt-in and activate the Add-on for the first time via My Ooredoo App only.
  2. Customer needs to reactivate 5GB Add-on offer every day by sending an SMS “151” to 121.
  3. Customer can activate the free 5GB Add-on only once during the day with validity till midnight.

How can I check my nojoom points in Qatar?

How do I check my nojoom points in Oman?

Once you get Nojoom membership and subscribe to the programme, you will immediately start earning your points and will be able to check your points balance. You can subscribe to the programme through the Ooredoo Oman app; head to the Nojoom page.

How do I redeem Meera points?

How do you get cashback with Barclays blue rewards?

We’ll pay cashback into your nominated current account, as long as it’s still open and you’re using Online Banking or the Barclays app. It’ll be labelled as ‘Barclays cashback’. You can select, view and change your nominated account in the ‘Your rewards details’ section of Online Banking or your app.

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