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How does a trailer dump valve work?

How does a trailer dump valve work?

The dump valve releases the bags on the rear axle making tight turns less stressful on the axles. The dump valve releases the air from one of the trailer axles. By releasing the air, it takes pressure off of turning a spread axle. It can really save your tires and suspension, if used properly.

How does air suspension dump valve work?

Air is dumped from the air bags without affecting the air pressure in the air supply. When the pilot valve is shifted to the Travel position, air pressure is removed from the HCV dump valves. This allows the dump valves to return to the Travel position. The HCV can now inflate or deflate the air bags as needed.

How does a rapid dump valve work?

When you switch on the pilot air in the the cab, Rapid Dump’s supply port will close and the delivery pressure will be released to the atmosphere. Release the pilot pressure and Rapid Dump’s supply port will reopen, allowing air pressure from the leveling valve to travel to the air bags.

What does the suspension dump switch do?

This feature allows the operator to lower the rear of the vehicle by dumping the air from the suspension bags, or raise the rear of the vehicle to the set point controlled by the suspension height control valve. The suspension dump switch is located in a switch pack.

How does a Haldex pilot valve work?

Product line Haldex This durable valve is typically used on auxiliary axle applications or to rapidly exhaust air suspensions. Activated by applying pilot pressure. When connected to the gladhand or parking brake line, this valve automatically exhausts the air suspension.

What is a pilot valve on air suspension?

S110587 – Air Suspension Pilot Valve – This valve is typically used to deflate air suspension ride bags when the trailer is parked. It exhausts the delivery line when the pilot pressure is released. Pressurizing the pilot allows supply to flow to the delivery port.

Where does a dump valve go?

How does a dump valve work? A blow-off valve is an air pressure bypass valve that is placed between the turbo compressor and the throttle.

How does a dual pressure valve work?

The dual-pressure valve is switched through (AND function) when signals are applied to both inputs 1. If different pressures are applied to the two inputs, then the lower pressure reaches the output 2.

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