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How does Marlee feel about Judy switching rooms Why?

How does Marlee feel about Judy switching rooms Why?

How does Marlee feel about Judy switching rooms? Why? She does not want Judy to switch rooms because they have slept in the same room all their lives .

How does Marlee feel the morning of the presentation cite an example from the text to support your answer?

How does Marlee feel the morning of the presentation? She felt excited to finally be able to give her presentation. There would be no more waiting to do it.

Who is Betty Jean Lions of Little Rock?

Betty Jean, Marlee’s maid, reminds me of Juliet’s nurse, because both are motherly figures. With Liz gone, Marlee starts to change. She sneaks out to see Liz and becomes more outgoing. However, she starts to become a little careless.

What Talisman does Liz give to Marlee?

Lions Little Rock

Question Answer
Where do Marlee and Liz practice their oral presentation? The zoo p.38
Liz gives Marlee a good luck charm (a talisman) to help her with her presentation. What was it? A single black crow’s feather (a magic feather) p.54

Why does Marlee feel betrayed Judy?

Marlee feels betrayed, as though her sister has found someone she prefers to spend time with instead of her. As a result, she keeps quiet about everything that’s been going on with Liz, revealing only that she (Marlee) has been working with the WEC, an idea Judy says she supports.

What is Marlee supposed to do with it?

What is Marlee supposed to do with it? She gives her a black crow’s feather to put it in her pocket and if she gets nervous during the presentation, she is supposed to touch it and she will do fine. What do you think that the feather symbolizes to Marlee?

What metaphor does Marlee use to describe Mrs Dalton?

On page 135, Marlee describes JT’s mom, Mrs. Dalton, as “a glass of iced tea so weak, you had to add a whole cup of sugar to make it taste like anything at all.”

Why did Mother give Marlee a letter opener for Marlee’s birthday?

Mail, Measles, and More – On her thirteenth birthday, Mother gives Marlee a silver letter opener engraved with her name, because she’s been getting so much mail (i.e. notices from the WEC). This leads Marlee to reflect on how little she actually talks with Mother anymore.

Is Marlee black or white?

Everyone Is Equal She is the protagonist of the story. Marlee does not talk very much. In the story Marlee has become friends with a new girl at school named Liz. Liz has tan skin, but what Marlee doesn’t know is that she is actually a light skinned black person.

How old is Marlee in The Lions of Little Rock?

twelve year old
It’s the fall of 1958 and twelve year old Marlee Nesbitt is about to start middle school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Why can’t Liz go to the parade How does Marlee react?

Why can’t Liz go to the parade? How does Marlee react? Liz does not want to be seen with Marlee because she might get in trouble. Marlee Gets upset that she and Liz have to be separated like this.

What do Liz and Marlee have in common?

What was something Marlee and Liz had in common? They both liked to listen to the lions roar at night.

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