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How good is MiG 21 Bison?

How good is MiG 21 Bison?

The MiG-21 has a takeoff and landing speed of more than 330 kmph compared to 200 kmph for the Kiran tainers. The Bison is not the same aircraft as the one inducted in the 1960s and has been modernised to meet the IAF’s requirements, said a senior official.

Is MiG-21 Good War Thunder?

It has strong acceleration and great climb rate at its BR allowing it to outclimb and outrun almost every aircraft it encounters.

Which is better F-16 or MiG-21?

Obviously, the F-16 has much more advanced characteristics, including a combat radius of 547 km, compared to 370 km of MiG-21. However, Khodarenok explained that the MiG-21-93 ‘Bison’ used by the Indian Air Force is “a largely modernized version of the aircraft.”

Why is MiG-21 so special?

In 1964, the MiG-21 became the first supersonic fighter jet to enter service with the IAF. Due to limited induction numbers and lack of pilot training, the IAF MiG-21 played a limited role in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

Why did MiG-21 crash so much?

MiG-21 is most used for the training of pilots One of the reasons for the large number of crashes of MiG-21 fighter jets is the absence of any other fighter jet in the Air Force for a long time. For a long time no new fighter jets were included in the Air Force, due to which the entire load remained on the MiG-21.

When was the MiG-21bis made?

MiG-21s are a family of jets from the Mikoyan-and-Gurevich Design Bureau, a Soviet success story with an amazing production run, from the MiG-21F in 1959 to the MiG-21bis in 1985. A dozen types of MiG-21s have been flown by nearly 40 nations and many are still flying on the front line.

How many G’s can a MiG 21 pull?

Given a skilled pilot and capable missiles, it could give a good account of itself against contemporary fighters. Its G-limits were increased from +7Gs in initial variants to +8.5Gs in the latest variants.

Is MiG 21 SPS K good?

The ▀MiG-21 SPS-K is a premium gift rank VI German jet fighter with a battle rating of 9.7 (AB) and 10.0 (RB/SB). It was introduced as a premium pack in Update “Ground Breaking”.

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