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How high is the Red River in Shreveport?

How high is the Red River in Shreveport?

45.90 feet
According to NWS / NOAA records, the highest recorded level of the Red River at Shreveport is 45.90 feet, from way back in 1849.

How high is the Red River today?

Red River @ Shreveport, LA Flood Stage:30.0 Ft.

Why is the Red River so high?

Major flooding took place in Winnipeg and the Red River Valley in April/May/June. The melting of heavy snow caused the Red River to reach flood levels in Winnipeg by April 22. A heavy rainfall in early May caused the river to peak at a record 9.2 metres (30.2 feet) at James Avenue in Winnipeg.

Does it flood in Shreveport Louisiana?

Overall, Shreveport has a minor risk of flooding over the next 30 years, which means flooding is likely to impact day-to-day life within the community.

When did Shreveport flood?

The 2015 Louisiana flood took place in the United States for several weeks in June 2015. The areas in Louisiana affected by the Red River Flood include Caddo Parish, Bossier Parish, Natchitoches Parish, Rapides Parish, and the cities of Coushatta, Alexandria, and Shreveport.

How much did Duffs ditch cost?

Construction of this major engineering project began in October 1962 and concluded in March of 1968 at a cost of around $63 million.

How many times has the Red River exceeded flood stage since 1882?

The Red River has exceeded major flood stage about 14 times since 1882.

How deep is the Red River of the North?

10 to 30 feet
Average slope: one half foot per mile. Channel widths: from less than 100 feet to more than 500 feet in the north. Average depths: from 10 to 30 feet; flow can fluctuate dramatically.

Did Shreveport get hit by Ida?

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Many Hurricane Ida evacuees have taken shelter in Shreveport. On Tuesday, Aug. 31, just two days after the Category 4 storm hit, KSLA’s Tayler Davis spoke with some evacuees from southeast Louisiana.

Is Shreveport safe from Hurricane Ida?

Short answer is “no”. The predicted paths show the storm making landfall on the state’s southeastern shore, and hooking east after landfall. The Weather Chanel’s Richard Lewelling doesn’t anticipate Shreveport to be impacted by Ida at hurricane strength, if the storm impacts the city much at all.

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