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How is insulin therapy calculated?

How is insulin therapy calculated?

Basal/background insulin dose:

  1. Assume you weigh 160 pounds.
  2. Your total daily insulin dose (TDI) = 160 lbs ÷ 4 = 40 units.

How is insulin inpatient calculated?

The initial total daily dose of subcutaneous insulin is calculated using a factor of 0.3 to 0.6 units per kg body weight, with one half given as long-acting insulin (the basal insulin dose), and the other one half divided daily over three meals as short-acting insulin doses (nutritional insulin doses).

How is insulin ratio calculated?

Divide the total grams of carb by your insulin-to-carb ratio. Let’s say you plan to eat 45 grams of carbohydrate and your insulin-to-carb ratio is 1 unit of insulin for every 15 grams of carbohydrate eaten. To figure out how much insulin to give, divide 45 by 15.

What is considered intensive insulin therapy?

Intensive insulin therapy is defined as the use of intravenous insulin to meet target blood glucose levels with frequent glucose testing and adjustment of insulin doses. In the intensive care unit (ICU) setting, the usual target range for blood glucose (normoglycemia) is 80 to 110 mg per dL (4.4 to 6.1 mmol per L).

How do you calculate insulin units in mL?

The correct conversion factor between conventional and SI units for human insulin is 1 μIU/mL = 6.00 pmol/L.

How do you calculate day supply for insulin?

To calculate the days’ supply for insulin, first calculate the total number of units to be dispensed by multiplying the number of units per milliliter by the number of milliliters to be dispensed. Then divide the total number of units to be dispensed by the number of units prescribed per day.

How is ICR and ISF calculated?

ICR was calculated by dividing carbohydrate grams by insulin units. Insulin sensitivity factor (ISF) was defined by the 100 rule (100 divided by total daily insulin dose [TDD]).

How is CHO counting used with intensive insulin therapy?

Carbohydrate counting was first embraced by individuals on intensive insulin therapy who used an insulin pump or multiple daily insulin injections. Carbohydrate counting helps people who use insulin tailor their mealtime dose or bolus of insulin to cover the amount of carbohydrate eaten at that meal.

What is intensive therapy or multiple daily insulin?

Intensive insulin therapy is carried out by a combination of multiple injections per day, blood glucose testing several times a day, carbohydrate counting and often communication and consultation with your healthcare team.

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