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How is Saburo Arasaka still alive?

How is Saburo Arasaka still alive?

Saburo lamented over his injuries and wished he had died a dignified death over the skies of Guadalcanal, rather than face the humiliation of a cripple. He was summarily discharged from service and returned to the Arasaka family compound, where he spent his days brooding over his loss.

Why was Johnny silverhand on the relic?

Yorinobu knowing this probably stole the Relic from the labs, took it to Mikoshi and downloaded Johnny Silverhand engram onto it, so that he could sell it to Netwatch. He’s motivation is both for removing his father’s project and for trying to sabotage the program as a whole.

When was Saburo Arasaka born?

Saburo Arasaka was born in 1919 in Tokyo. By the time of his birth, the family was already particularly wealthy. His father, Sasai Arasaka, had already established the Arasaka Corporation four years prior to Saburo’s birth.

Can you save Saburo Arasaka?

It’s a hugely secret objective, and one of the only things like this that we’ve discovered in the game, but having finished the game thinking he’s dead and given no reason to think anything else, it was definitely a welcome surprise to discover you actually can save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077. Take that Arasaka!

How do I help Takebuura avenge Saburo?

Help Takemura avenge the death of Saburo Arasaka. This achievement is highly missable. In order to unlock it, the most critical thing you must do occurs during the main job ‘Search and Destroy,’ which is the final job in Act 2. You will be in an apartment with Takemura when an assault team will burst in.

Can you get Johnny silverhand’s gun?

Johnny Silverhand’s Malorian Arms 3516 pistol can be obtained during the Chippin’ In Side Job. To find Johnny’s gun, you will need to defeat the group of Maelstrom gangsters, along with their leader Grayson. Upon defeating Grayson, you’ll have the option to pick up his weapon – which turns out to be Johnny’s gun.

How much is Arasaka worth?

In 2020 the net worth of all Arasaka assets is aroung 500 billion e$. That’s roughly the economy of medium size country like Canada or Poland.

What happens if you let Adam Smasher live?

Once you have defeated Smasher, you’ll find him on his knees and will have the option to let him live or to take his life. This particular choice will have no effect on the story and is a choice that is left entirely up to you to decide.

What happens if you spare Adam Smasher?

Whether you choose to kill or spare Smasher is entirely up to you, as the decision will have no effect on the outcome of the final story. Having made your decision on Smasher, head up the nearby set of stairs and continue through the double door as you start making your way Yorinobu.

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