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How long does a CatGenie last?

How long does a CatGenie last?

6 months
A box of CatGenie Granules will last up to an average of 6 months. The frequency of replenishing the Granules depends on the number of cats in your home.

How does CatGenie get rid of poop?

During this cycle, the CatGenie automatically scoops out solid waste. Once solids are removed, the CatGenie bowl fills with SaniSolution, beginning the washing cycle. Once the washing cycle is finished, all of the liquid flushes into your toilet or drain. All that’s left for you to do is flush the toilet.

Is CatGenie good for multiple cats?

The Cat Genie can perfectly handle two cats and you have the option to set the unit on “Auto Start” of 6-8-12-24 hours between each self cleaning, or set the litter box on “Cat Activation Mode” where the unit starts cleaning 30 minutes after a cat uses it. You can also do a manual cleaning by a push of a button.

Does CatGenie flush toilet?

Cleans Like an Appliance. Flushes Like a Toilet. With CatGenie, your cats have an automatic cat box that’s more hygienic than your own bathroom. CatGenie not only flushes away waste, it also washes and hot-air dries itself clean after every use.

Why does my CatGenie stink?

It needs the full 37 mins each time to clean out the poo from the pump. After a few days the pump will start to fill with waste and begin to clog. Causing the baked cat poop smell during the dry cycle.

Where does the poop go in a CatGenie?

The CatGenie Waste Line Drains Into The Toilet. All waste and water will drain into the toilet bowl and you’ll simply flush away at your convenience.

How many cats can use a CatGenie?

two cats
How many cats can use one CatGenie unit? The best success is one CatGenie for two cats who weigh up to 20 lbs. In some cases, three cats can use one CatGenie unit. If you have three cats using one litter box now, then they shouldn’t have a problem using one CatGenie unit.

Can you hook up CatGenie to sink?

In the bathroom, the CatGenie shares a cold water supply line with your toilet or sink. Simply use the included t-adapter to redirect water to your CatGenie. Note: If the water line is a rigid pipe, replace with a flexible water pipe (available at any hardware store.)

Where do you put the CatGenie?

A CatGenie unit can be hooked up in any room that has a water supply, waste drainage and an electric outlet. You can choose a Bathroom, Laundry Room or Utility Room – whichever one works best for you and your cat!

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