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How long does it take to grow a Charleston Gray watermelon?

How long does it take to grow a Charleston Gray watermelon?

85 days
cylindrical watermelons. Flesh is red, crisp, fiberless and delicious; skin is light greenish gray. Resistant to fusarium wilt, anthracnose and sunburn. Ready for harvest 85 days after sowing.

What conditions does watermelon need to grow?

Watermelon plants love the heat, and need a long and warm growing season of at least 70 to 85 days, depending on the variety, to produce sweet fruit. They grow best when daytime temperatures fall between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and nighttime temperatures fall between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

What region do watermelons grow best?

Florida has historically been the top producer of watermelons and accounted for 19 percent of the 3.9 billion pounds of U.S. watermelon production in 2012. Florida and three other States—Georgia, California, and Texas—accounted for two-thirds of U.S. output in 2012.

What temperature does watermelon grow best in?

The best average temperature range for watermelon production during the growing season is between 65°F and 95°F. Temperatures above 95°F or below 50°F will slow the growth and maturation of the crop. Watermelons require a constant supply of moisture during the growing season.

How far apart do you plant Charleston GREY watermelon?

Space the mounds 4 to 6 feet (1-1.5 m.) apart. Thin the seedlings to one healthy plant per mound when the seedlings are about 2 inches (5 cm.)

How big does a Charleston Gray watermelon get?

Charleston Gray is a big, juicy, open-pollinated watermelon variety for your home garden! Oblong watermelons are 24″ long x 10″ wide and weigh about 30 pounds. The flesh is bright red, fiberless, crisp, and the tough rind makes it a good shipper. Resistant to FW, AN1, and AN3, and matures in 88 days.

Do watermelons require full sun?

Watermelons require full sunlight in order to thrive. The plants can tolerate some partial shade, particularly in hotter climates, but plenty of sun is necessary to develop the sugars in the melons. Excessively shady conditions will reduce the number and size of the fruits.

What temperature is too cold for watermelons?

Avoid growing watermelon where night temperatures dip below 50°F (10°C); this will cause the fruit to lose flavor. If temperatures exceed 90°F (32°C). for several days, flowers will drop without setting fruit. Watermelons require 65 to 90 frost-free days to reach harvest depending on the variety.

How close can you plant watermelon plants?

Give watermelon vines plenty of room to roam, which usually means spacing plants 3 to 5 feet apart. After planting, cover seedlings with floating row covers to keep out insects and trap warm air near plants.

How much space do you need between watermelon plants?

Watermelons need A LOT of space—up to 20 square feet per plant. Their vines need room to sprawl, so plant them in a place where they won’t crowd out other crops. Growing the vines in raised rows, known as hills, ensures good drainage and will hold the sun’s heat longer.

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