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How many characters can be used to name a feature class?

How many characters can be used to name a feature class?

However, current guidance from the Defining Feature Class Properties help topic seems to be: “The length of feature class and table names depends on the underlying database. The maximum name length for file geodatabase feature classes is 160 characters.

What is the maximum number of characters for a field name in an attribute table in a geodatabase?

64 characters
Field names are limited to 64 characters for both file and personal geodatabases, 31 characters in SQL Server and SQLExpress, 30 characters in Oracle and DB2, 16 characters for INFO, and dBASE is limited to 10 characters.

How many fields can a feature class have?

Therefore, personal geodatabases stored in an Access database may have a feature class or table with no more than 255 fields.

How many feature classes can a shapefile use?

one feature class
A shapefile is an Esri vector data storage format for storing the location, shape, and attributes of geographic features. It is stored as a set of related files and contains one feature class.

Why do you need to restrict file names in ArcGIS to 12 or less characters?

These limits are imposed so that ArcGIS is able to function with the maximum amount of data types. Eliminate any characters that are not alphanumeric character or an underscore.

What is the difference between a feature class and a shapefile?

Shapefiles are a type of feature class. A feature class is a collection of common features that share geometry, attribute fields and in GIS, a spatial reference.

What maximum length can a field name have?

Answer. Answer: Names of fields, controls, and objects in Microsoft Access desktop databases: Can be up to 64 characters long.

What is the maximum character length of a field name?

Field Names can only be a max of 255 characters.

What is the difference between a feature class and a feature dataset?

A feature dataset stores feature classes that have the same coordinate system and the same spatial extent, meaning they occupy the same geographic area. While all features in a feature class must have the same geometry type, the same is not true for feature datasets.

What is the difference between a shapefile and a feature class?

Is a feature class and shapefile the same?

Feature datasets store Feature Classes (which are the equivalent to shapefiles) with the same coordinate system. Like shapefiles, users can create points, lines, and polygons with feature classes; feature classes also have the ability to create annotation, and dimension features.

What is the maximum length of field name in shapefile?

10 characters
Field names for shapefiles and dBASE tables can be no more than 10 characters in length.

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