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How many international students are there in Malaysia?

How many international students are there in Malaysia?

More about. Malaysia is home to 170,000 international students from 162 countries; 10,000 of them are from Indonesia. The government hopes to reach 250,000 international students by 2025.

Where can I find statistics in Malaysia?

Department of Statistics, Malaysia is one of the data providers in the Malaysian Open Data Portal It is a one-service-centre for citizen to access and download Government open datasets online.

How many foreigners study in Malaysia?

A total of 92,415 foreign students were enrolled in private higher education in Malaysia as of September 2019, compared with 39,099 in public universities, according to the education ministry.

How many undergraduate students are there in Malaysia?

In 2020, around 234.08 thousand male students and 358.6 thousand female students were enrolled in public higher institutions. While the number of male students enrolled had steadily decreased since 2016, there was still a significantly higher number of females than male students in 2019….

Characteristic Male Female

Where are most international students in Malaysia from?

Most of the international students originated from Southeast Asia, Middle Eastern countries, Middle Asia, and African countries, and a minimal number from Europe. Malaysian universities use a mixture of English and Bahasa Melayu as medium of instruction.

How many university students are there in Malaysia?

As at 31 March 2021, a total of 1.32 million students pursued their tertiary education in Malaysia, whereby 52.1% registered in public universities while 47.9% were in PHEIs. The PHEI industry which is worth RM31.

How many Chinese students are in Malaysia?

According to Gong, there are more than 10,000 mainland Chinese students in Malaysia and over 6,000 Malaysian students in China.

Is Malaysia a good place for international students?

In 2019, Malaysia ranked 16th the safest country in the world according to Global Peace Index (GPI) , up nine places from the previous year. Furthermore, with its modern infrastructure and efficient transportation system, Malaysia makes a safe and comfortable place to live, study, and work.

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