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How many wildfires happened in 2008?

How many wildfires happened in 2008?

77,772 wildfires
The 2008 fire season’s estimated 77,772 wildfires were 570 fires more than the 1985–2008 average of 77,202 fires.

What caused the Trigo fire?

The fire is believed to have been caused by human negligence. On the morning of the 15th, turkey hunters were seen in the area where the fire started. The very low relative humidity, high winds, and low fuel moisture coupled with the steep topography made containing the fire very difficult.

What was the cause of the Los Alamos fire?

The fire was apparently started intentionally by the National Park Service as a “prescribed burn” on Bandelier National Monument property high in the Jemez Mountains, to the west of the Laboratory and to the south of the Los Alamos “ski hill.” It was reportedly intended to clear a mountain meadow of small trees which …

What year was the Los Alamos fire?

The Las Conchas Fire was a large wildfire in the state of New Mexico, in the United States, in 2011. The fire started in Santa Fe National Forest and burned more than 150,000 acres, threatening Los Alamos National Laboratory and the town of Los Alamos.

What’s the biggest wildfire in US history?

The worst of all was perhaps the Great Peshtigo Fire, which ravaged the Wisconsin countryside and killed more than 1,500—making it the deadliest forest fire in U.S. history.

Is Los Alamos evacuated today?

There are NO EVACUATIONS in Los Alamos County at this time.

Is Los Alamos NM being evacuated?

No evacuation orders in Los Alamos County have been issued.

How long did the Las Conchas fire last?

Las Conchas Fire burned over 156,000 acres including much of Bandelier. The Las Conchas Fire began at approximately 1 PM on June 26, 2011 just west of the park. In its first 13 hours it burned over 44,000 acres or almost an acre a second.

How big was the fire in Los Alamos?

Examples of intentional prescribed burns that escaped control include the 2000 Cerro Grande Fire that swept through residential areas of Los Alamos and across 12 square miles of the laboratory – more than one-quarter of the campus. The fire destroyed more than 230 homes and 45 structures at the lab.

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