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How much did Mark and Brian make?

How much did Mark and Brian make?

Mark And Brian Net Worth

Net Worth: $20 Million
Salary: $6 Million Per Year

When did Mark and Brian leave KLOS?

August 17, 2012
His last day at KLOS was revealed to be August 17, 2012. During Thompson’s farewell show, Phelps announced that he, too, would be leaving KLOS, bringing The Mark & Brian Show to an end.

Who is the sports guy on Mark and Brian?

Todd Donoho was the sports anchor for KABC-TV in Los Angeles in the 1990s. He also regularly appeared on the Mark and Brian program during most of their 25 years on KLOS, beginning in early 1988 and remaining until their last show in 2012.

Is Mark and Brian still on KLOS?

Veteran DJ’s Mark and Brian look back on their 25 years on L.A. radio at KLOS. After ruling Los Angeles radio for decades, morning show duo Mark and Brian have earned themselves a place in the Radio Hall of Fame. The two were inducted Thursday for their 25 years on the air at 95.5 FM KLOS.

Where is Mark Thompson today?

Thompson and his wife now host The Mark & Lynda Podcast, which focuses primarily on relationship issues. In addition, Thompson co-hosted the Pro Football Slam podcast with Los Angeles Times journalist Sam Farmer during the 2013-2014 football season.

What happened to Mark Thompson?

Thompson came back to radio for a few years, hosting mornings as Mark In The Morning at The Sound LA before he, and then it, went away. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Lynda, with whom he co-hosts a weekly podcast, a chance to keep his mouth on the air just enough to satisfy that lifetime love of broadcasting.

Where is Brian Phelps?

Phelps is now retired and before his imprisonment was living in France. He is a former commentator on diving for the Eurosport television channel.

How do you text Mark Thompson at KGO?

If you would like to contact Mark, please email him at [email protected].

Is Mark Thompson on the radio?

Thompson hosts a daily 10 AM-to-noon radio show on San Francisco talk station KGO. The show concentrates on politics and pop culture and features calls from listeners across the Bay Area and California. Thompson had originally done fill-in talk show hosting on KGO when he first worked in San Francisco as a news person.

What is the unofficial Mark and Brian archive?

This IS the Unofficial Mark and Brian Archive (UMBA). It was created by avid long-time fans (jokingly referred to by Mark as “stupid replaceable listeners”, or SRLs) of the “Mark and Brian” radio program. Many of these fans also share other memories and content on the fan-supported “Mark and Brian 25 Years” Facebook group page.

Who are Mark and Brian from the Brian Show?

Mark & Brian are two-time winners of the Billboard Magazine “Air Personalities of the Year” award, and received a 1991 National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award as “Air Personalities of the Year.” They have also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mark & Brian were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame on October 29, 2020.

Where can I find recordings of the Mark and Brian podcast?

These recordings are part of the Unofficial Mark and Brian Archive. This section of the UMBA site features show recordings from Mark and Brians’ 27 year history together as a morning show team. Do you have a partial or complete copy of the Mark and Brian Podcast (or another recording) of a Mark and Brian show that is not listed here?

How many charity albums have Mark and Brian released?

Mark and Brian released three Charity Albums containing popular program segments and live performances by a variety of performers during their 25 year history on KLOS-FM.

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