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How much does an Il-76 cost?

How much does an Il-76 cost?

COST. Based on available transaction records, an Ilyushin-76 TD should set you back around $50 million, unless you want to buy second-hand.

What is the difference between Il-76 and IL-78?

IL-78 was started in 1982 as the tanker version of the high performance IL-76.In addition to the increased fuel load of the late model Il-76, the Il-78 has two removable 18,230-liter fuel tanks installed in the freight hold, giving transferable loads of 85,720 kg (189,000 lb) (with hold tanks) or 57,720 kg (127,300 lb) …

What will replace the Il-76?

IAF had deliberated and suggestions were made to get older Il-76 aircraft that are still powered by older D-30KP turbofan engines be replaced by more modern PS-90A-76 turbofan bypass engines along with modern avionics that follows current aviation standards to fly in international aviation corridors that could have …

How many IL 78 does India have?

6 Il-78MKIs
Indian Air Force – 6 Il-78MKIs in service. The Indian Air Force refers to the aircraft as “MARS” (Mid Air Refuelling System) and has raised a new unit 78 Squadron.

How many C 17 Globemaster does India have?

11 C-17 Globemaster aircraft
The IAF currently owns 11 C-17 Globemaster aircraft and has become the biggest operator…

Why does the IL-76 have a glass nose?

The nose windows allow a navigator to easily scan for a runway, landmark, or other item while the captain and copilot focus on flying. The IL -76 does have weather radar.

How many C-17 does Pakistan have?

List of active Pakistan Air Force aircraft

Aircraft Manufacturer Total
Combat Aircraft
JF-17 Thunder PAC, CAC 138
F-16 Fighting Falcon General Dynamics / Lockheed Martin 85
Mirage III Dassault 135

What is the Indian name of IL-76 aircraft?

#AFDay2020: IL-76 “Gajraj” is a four-engine, multi-purpose, turbofan strategic airlifter & military-transport aircraft. The aircraft can deliver heavy machinery to remote areas, carry tanks, artillery & is utilised for #HADR Operations.

How much does a Globemaster cost?

With a price tag of about $340 million, the C-17 Globemaster III is one of the most in-demand cargo planes in the world. It can transport troops and cargo as well as aid in the evacuation of people in weather-ravaged or war-torn areas.

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