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How much does it cost to rebuilt a rear end?

How much does it cost to rebuilt a rear end?

The rebuild cost of a rear-end from a mechanic can be as low as $200 and as high as $1,100. If your rear-end is beyond repair and needs to be replaced entirely, expect to pay an average of $1,450.

How much does rear axle repair cost?

Rear Axle Repair Costs The cost of parts to repair an axle make up the majority of the cost and run from about $430 to $480 dollars. Labor on a rear axle repair is usually around $50 to $70.

Can you rebuild rear differential?

A complete rear differential replacement includes replacing the housing, gears, bearings, and seals. The average time it takes a certified mechanic to perform a differential rebuild at a shop is usually three to five hours. A rebuild on a commercial vehicle by someone without prior experience could take much longer.

Is a broken rear axle repairable?

The only available repair of this – is to put a new axle, that means it will be like a new wheel (if you do not have other problems in your wheel). If you going to replace the axle, examine the bearings cup if it have any deformation. If it have, in most cases the wheel must be replaces.

Is a car totaled if the axle is bent?

If the crash results in a broken axle, dented or tweaked pillar (the parts that “hold up” the roof, including the front windshield frame, the part between your front and rear doors, and the rear roofline), or extensive damage to the drivetrain or under-hood components, you could be looking at a total loss.

What does a bent axle feel like?

Vibrations may be accompanied by an unusual rumbling noise underneath the vehicle, strange tire wobbling, or sluggish driving and steering, which may indicate a bent axle. Vibrations may be particularly noticeable during accelerations, decelerations, or turns.

How long does it take to repair an axle?

On the 2006 Navigator, if a professional mechanic is replacing the axle(s), it is assumed to take about 1 hour to replace one axle (i.e., one side) whether it is the rear axle or the front axle.

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