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How much was the Omega Spectre?

How much was the Omega Spectre?

Also distinguishing this version of the Omega Seamaster 300 as special are the engravings on the caseback, indicating “SPECTRE” “ANTI-MAGNETIC >15,000 GAUSS” and the Limited Edition series number. Only 7,007 models will be made, priced at $7,500 and available at select Omega boutiques now.

What watch does James Bond wear in Spectre?

OMEGA Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition
In SPECTRE, Bond wears two. The OMEGA Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition with rare lollipop seconds hand and black and grey NATO strap; and the OMEGA Aqua Terra 150m: a striking watch with a blue dial that recalls OMEGA’s rich maritime heritage and Bond’s naval background.

What kind of watch does James Bond wear?

OMEGA Seamasters
Since 1995, James Bond has worn OMEGA Seamasters in every film. Over the years, we have also created some very special limited edition timepieces whose special features honour 007 and his legacy of more than half a century of genre-defining movies.

What watch is Bond wearing at the end of SPECTRE?

Bond Lifestyle can exclusively confirm that James Bond wears a vintage Omega watch in the last scene of SPECTRE when he drives away in the Aston Martin DB5. As already suggested by some fans*, the watch is indeed a vintage Omega Chronograph with Caliber 321 from the mid-1960s.

What watch does Dave Bautista wear in SPECTRE?

Rado D-Star Automatic Chronograph watch
The actual Rado D-Star Automatic Chronograph watch that was worn by Dave Bautista during the filming of SPECTRE was auctioned at the Christie’s James Bond SPECTRE: The Online Sale auction in February 2016.

Is it worth buying Omega Seamaster?

Nonetheless, the Omega Seamaster is an excellent watch from a very prestigious brand that also has great value but as a result of the difference in brand recognition, there is about a 30% loss in the resale value and street value on the Omega Seamaster compared to the Rolex Submariner.

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