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How old is slindile?

How old is slindile?

49 years (June 23, 1972)Slindile Nodangala / Age

Who is the writer of Izulu Lami?

Madoda Ncayiyana
Julie Frederikse
Izulu Lami/Screenplay

Where is slindile Nodangala from?

Durban, South AfricaSlindile Nodangala / Place of birth

When was Izulu Lami released?

December 2008Izulu Lami / Initial release

Who is Mam Ruby?

According to Move, actress Silindile Nodangala, who is known for her role as Mama Ruby on Generations, was in a long-term relationship with aspiring KZN actress Phumelele Mthobeni when she got her big break on the soapie. That’s when she apparently left her lover for the big city and never looked back.

What does slindile mean?

Slindile is a name that indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly.

How old is khwezi from Izulu Lami?

Ten-year-old Thembi and her eight-year-old brother, Khwezi, are left alone in their rural homestead in KwaZulu-Natal after their mother dies. All they have to remember her by is a grass mat she wove, which she planned to enter in a craft competition in the city.

What is Thembi from Izulu Lami’s real name?

Sobahle MkhabaseThembi / Played by

How old is Mokoena?

51 years (May 13, 1971)Fana Mokoena / Age

How old is Khwezi from Izulu Lami?

Where was Izulu Lami shot?

Shot in Durban and Inanda, Izulu Lami tells the story of two orphan children, Thembi and Khwezi, who travel to Durban to find a priest who admired their mother’s handwoven mats and encouraged her to enter them in a craft competition.

How old is Rhythm City Blossom?

Slindile Nodangala biography Slindile Nodangala age is 47 years now. She was born in South Africa on 23rd June 1972.

How old is Sobahle?

Skeem Saam star opened up about her pregnancy to Daily Sun, the 27-year-old actress said her pregnancy has not been easy. “This is because I am an artist and we depend on gigs and events to make money.

What is Sobahle Mkhabase doing now?

Sobahle (Thembi) is currently expecting her baby girl and according to her Facebook page, she will be welcoming her beautiful daughter as soon as next month. Sobahle is also married, She has shared a few snaps of her wedding on her social media platforms.

Who is Thembi Nyathi the medium?

I’m a medium also known as “Umlamuleli” in vernacular. I mediate between the living and the late. To be given the opportunity to walk amongst and mediate between the spirit and its loved ones is truly and honour and educational journey, even for myself.

How old is Khwezi from izulu?

How old is Khwezi from Izulu Lami? The film follows the story of two young children, 10-year-old Thembi (played by Mkhabase) and eight-year-old Khwezi (played by Sibonelo Malinga), who journey to the city from their rural homestead after their mother’s death.

How many kids does Thapelo Mokoena have?

Together, the couple has two children. Their first child, a son called Reko Mokoena, was born in 2015. In 2018, the couple welcomed their second son, Lefika Meraki Mokoena. The actor and his family currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Who is Thapelo Mokoena’s father?

Mike MokoenaThapelo Mokoena / Father

How old is Ruby from generations?

How old is Sobahle in 2021?

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