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How serialize a DataTable to json in VB net?

How serialize a DataTable to json in VB net?

Convert DataTable to JSON using JavaScriptSerializer. Convert DataTable to JSON using JSON.Net DLL….Method 1 – Convert DataTable to JSON using StringBuilder.

  1. public string DataTableToJSONWithStringBuilder(DataTable table)
  2. {
  3. var JSONString = new StringBuilder();
  4. if (table.
  5. {
  6. JSONString.

How do you serialize a data table?

CommandText = selectString; SqlDataAdapter mySqlDataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(); mySqlDataAdapter. SelectCommand = mySqlCommand; DataSet myDataSet = new DataSet(); mySqlConnection. Open(); string dataTableName = “dictionary”; mySqlDataAdapter. Fill(myDataSet, dataTableName); DataTable myDataTable = myDataSet.

What is Jsonconvert SerializeObject?

SerializeObject Method (Object, Type, JsonSerializerSettings) Serializes the specified object to a JSON string using a type, formatting and JsonSerializerSettings. Namespace: Newtonsoft.Json.

What does JsonConvert DeserializeObject return?

In Deserialization, it does the opposite of Serialization which means it converts JSON string to custom . Net object. In the following code, it calls the static method DeserializeObject() of the JsonConvert class by passing JSON data. It returns a custom object (BlogSites) from JSON data.

What is ReferenceLoopHandling?

ReferenceLoopHandling Property. Gets or sets how reference loops (e.g. a class referencing itself) are handled. The default value is Error. Namespace: Newtonsoft.Json.

What is the use of JsonConvert DeserializeObject?

JsonConvert. DeserializeObject Method

Name Description
DeserializeObject(String, Type) Deserializes the JSON to the specified .NET type.
DeserializeObject(String, Type,JsonConverter[]) Deserializes the JSON to the specified .NET type using a collection of JsonConverter.

How to serialize a DataTable?

When it comes to serialization of a dataset or data table do not persist on to a file and readback.That causes IO overhead and is not viable in all scenarios. What you need to do is, write a function to Serialize the DataTable. (Make sure that you give a name to the DataTable inorder to serialize. See the example below in C#

What is serialization in VB NET?

Serialization (Visual Basic) Serialization is the process of converting an object into a stream of bytes in order to store the object or transmit it to memory, a database, or a file. Its main purpose is to save the state of an object in order to be able to recreate it when needed. The reverse process is called deserialization.

What is the difference between nonserializable and serializable fields?

If a field of a serializable type contains a pointer, a handle, or some other data structure that is specific to a particular environment, and the field cannot be meaningfully reconstituted in a different environment, then you may want to make it nonserializable.

What is an object serialized to?

The object is serialized to a stream, which carries not just the data, but information about the object’s type, such as its version, culture, and assembly name. From that stream, it can be stored in a database, a file, or memory.

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