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Is Bulmers Irish Cider sold in the US?

Is Bulmers Irish Cider sold in the US?

In 2006 they also relaunched Bulmers Original in the UK, a premium packaged cider. Magners made its introduction to the United States in 2000, since then Magners Original Irish Cider has been a top selling cider in many major marketsaround the world.

Are Magners and Bulmers the same?

BULMERS® Original Vintage Cider produced by Bulmers Ltd of Clonmel, Ireland is sold outside the Republic of Ireland under the name MAGNERS® Original Irish Cider. Bulmers Cider is a premium, traditional brand of Irish cider.

Why is it Magners called Bulmers in Ireland?

Magners was launched in 1999 as C&C’s overseas version of its Bulmers brand. The Bulmers name outside Ireland belongs to Scottish & Newcastle after it acquired the UK market-leading Herefordshire cider maker HP Bulmer three years ago.

Can you get Magners in the US?

Magners Pear cider kegs are now shipping nationwide. It is also currently available in the US in a 12-ounce bottle and 19.2-ounce pint bottle.

Is there Bulmers in America?

Continuing to grow in popularity, the cider can now be found in bars throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

What do they call Magners in Ireland?

The Irish subsidiary of British firm Bulmers sells Bulmers in Ireland, but it has to use the brand name Magners to sell its cider internationally. Bulmers is the top cider beer brand of the world while Magners is its competitor.

What is Magners cider called in Ireland?

While the brand of cider produced locally in County Tipperary may be known as Bulmers to the people of the Irish republic, it is referred to as Magners everywhere in the world.

Who distributes Magners cider?

Good Drinks announced in a well-timed statement that it will become the exclusive national importer and distributor of C&C’s Magners Original Irish Cider in 330ml and 568ml bottles and keg format from 1st July 2022 until February 2026.

Is Strongbow cider Irish?

Strongbow is a dry cider produced by H. P. Bulmer in the United Kingdom since 1960. Strongbow is the world’s leading cider with a 15 per cent volume share of the global cider market and a 29 per cent volume share of the UK cider market.

What happened to Bulmers?

Bulmers now survives only as a brand name, with operations in Hereford scaled back considerably, principally producing cider.

Can you get Bulmers in America?

The Magners brand is already selling in Northern Ireland and being test marketed in Spain and Germany. But the Clonmel-based group’s focus is on the US and initially the Irish pub market in New York and Boston. In the US cider accounts for less than 1pc of beer consumption, but demand is racing ahead.

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