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Is Chip Zdarsky writing Batman?

Is Chip Zdarsky writing Batman?

But beginning on July 5th, Zdarsky is about to take on a challenge worthy of even the most accomplished comic book writer: pleasing Batman fans. Beginning with Batman #125, Chip Zdarsky will become the lead writer for the Dark Knight’s flagship series, with the achingly talented Jorge Jimenez continuing on art.

What else has Chip Zdarsky written in the comic book industry?

Chip Zdarsky
Zdarsky at Lucca Comics & Games 2015
Born Steven Murray December 21, 1975 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Area(s) Comic book artist
Notable works Sex Criminals Spider-Man: Life Story Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Daredevil Howard the Duck Jughead

When did tynion take over Batman?

During DC Rebirth, Tynion took over as the main writer of Detective Comics during its relaunch. He later took over writing duties for Batman (Vol. 3) in 2019, succeeding Tom King. Tynion also created a second ongoing Joker comic series, serving as its main writer.

Why was Batman Beyond comic Cancelled?

In July 2019, Bob Goodman, one of Batman Beyond’s writers, told Shacknews that the show’s ratings didn’t meet the numbers that the executives had in mind when they pitched the show to advertisers.

Who currently writes Batman?

Currently, Joshua Williamson has been writing Batman for DC Comics since December’s Batman #118 following the successful run from James Tynion IV who put the Dark Knight’s Gotham City through some harrowing darkness such as The Joker War and Scarecrow’s Fear State.

Who is writing Batman now?

Writer Chip Zdarsky
Batman’s got a new writer and a new logo too… Writer Chip Zdarsky will kick off a new Batman editorial era as he joins the main series creative team with Batman #125 in July. Zdarsky will be joined by artist Jorge Jiménez and colorist Tomeu Morey, who make their return to the title after a seventh-month sabbatical.

How long does it take to write a comic?

Sketching, coloring and inking, and lettering your comic book should take six to eight months, but if you’re outsourcing the artwork, you will have to adhere to the artists’ schedules. The cover is another part of the artists’ job, and it’s one of the most important.

Who will write Batman after tynion?

Earlier this month, James Tynion IV announced his exit from DC Comics’ ongoing Batman series leaving fans wondering who would step in to guide the Dark Knight’s story forward after Tynion’s run ends with Batman #117. Now, we have the answer. Joshua Williamson will be the next writer to take over Batman.

Who is taking over Batman after tynion?

Joshua Williamson
The moment that news was announced, fans and journalists began to question and speculate who would fill Tynion’s shoes. Well, we got that answer today: Joshua Williamson and Jorge Molina. Williamson took to Twitter to announce that he would be taking over writing duties on Batman this December with issue #118.

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