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Is it better to go to Launceston or Hobart?

Is it better to go to Launceston or Hobart?

Near Hobart, you can also visit Tasman Peninsula, Bruny Island, Huon Valley, and Mount Field National Park as day trips. In comparison, Launceston is smaller and less populated, but with better access to wineries, ski resorts, Bay of Fires, Tasmania’s North West Coast, and the iconic Cradle Mountain.

Which part of Tasmania is the best?

Best Areas to Visit in Tasmania

  • Huon Valley.
  • Port Arthur & The Tasman Peninsula.
  • Launceston.
  • Northwest Tasmania.
  • Devonport and the North.
  • Strahan and the West Coast.
  • The East Coast.
  • The Deep South.

Is Launceston Tasmania worth visiting?

A Beautiful Historic City Launceston was settled in 1806, making it Australia’s third oldest city. Heaps of old buildings still stand proud, and I couldn’t believe the beauty and history the streetscape displays at every turn. (And there are some great shops and cafes in those buildings!)

Can you see aurora australis in Launceston?

Although it’s possible to see the Tasmania Aurora throughout the year in Tasmania, they can be fickle and you’ll need the patience to stay awake to spot the aurora. Tasmania’s North West provides star-studded night skies for amazing night photography of the Southern Lights.

What is there to see between Hobart and Launceston?

The top stops along the way from Launceston to Hobart (with short detours) are Mount Wellington, Cataract Gorge Reserve, and MONA. Other popular stops include Salamanca Market, City Park, and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Is Launceston Tasmania a good place to live?

“Beautiful community minded yet progressive city” Launceston is such a pretty city, local attractions of the Cataract Gorge amongst so many! The city itself I find appearing very clean, kind residents and whilst being progressive, a nice pace of living to work in, retire to or raise a young family.

What is Launceston known for?

Launceston is Tasmania’s second major city and a vibrant hub for food and wine, culture and nature. In fact, the whole region is packed with city and country charm, gorgeous old towns, excellent food and wine and beautiful scenic highlights.

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