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Is jack wagner married?

Is jack wagner married?

Kristina WagnerJack Wagner / Spouse (m. 1993–2006)Kristina Wagner is an American actress best known for her role as Felicia Jones on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She is sometimes credited by the name Kristina Malandro. She also briefly had a small role on the ABC series Hotel in the late 1980s. Wikipedia

Where is Jack Wagner today?

Currently, he is seen playing Bill Avery on When Calls the Heart, as of 2014. A Hallmark Channel regular, Wagner also starred in the Wedding March movies, with The Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride premiering in February 2018.

Who has played Jake on General Hospital?

Hudson West
Jake Spencer (Hudson West) | General Hospital Wiki | Fandom.

Who was Jake Meyer on General Hospital?

Sam Behrens
Sam Behrens (born July 24, 1950) is an American actor, best known for his roles as Jake Meyer on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital, Danny Waleska in the CBS prime time soap opera Knots Landing and as Gregory Richards in the NBC daytime soap opera, Sunset Beach.

Who is Kristina Wagner husband?

Jack Wagnerm. 1993–2006
Randy Malandrom. 1981–1985
Kristina Wagner/Husband

Does Jason Morgan have a twin brother?

In 2014, Billy Miller was cast in the role. With Burton’s 2017 return, Miller’s casting was later retconned as Jason’s twin brother, Andrew Cain….Jason Morgan (General Hospital)

Family Quartermaine
Parents Alan Quartermaine Susan Moore
Adoptive mother Monica Quartermaine
Brothers Drew Cain

Is Felicia on gh a princess?

Felicia Scorpio is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She came in the 1980s as an Aztec princess who married spy Frisco Jones and commissioner Mac Scorpio. She has been portrayed by actress Kristina Wagner, on and off, since the character’s debut on September 7, 1984.

Is Jill Wagner Lindsay Wagner’s daughter?

A popular misconception is that Jill and Lindsay Wagner are related. With the difference in age, some assume that Lindsay Wagner is Jill’s mother. But the truth is, Jill and Lindsay Wagner are not related in any way. They are two Hollywood stars that just happen to share the same last name.

How old is kristina wagner?

59 years (October 30, 1962)Kristina Wagner / Age

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