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Is OnePlus One a 4G phone?

Is OnePlus One a 4G phone?

A fine integration of a number advanced technologies and features, the OnePlus One is designed for people who expect a power-packed performance from their devices. Compatible with 4G LTE networks, the device houses a powerful quad core processor to let you multitask and browse the web at lightning fast speeds.

What is the price of 1 +?

OnePlus One price in India starts from ₹ 9,999….OnePlus One Price in India.

Product Name Price in India
OnePlus One (16GB) – Silk White ₹ 18,998

Is OnePlus One dual-SIM?

The OnePlus One was only a single SIM smartphone. The addition of dual-SIM capabilities will be a crucial feature for emerging markets. 8- The plastic spine on the OnePlus One gives way to a plush steel frame on the OnePlus 2, which means it feels like a high-end phone.

Is OnePlus Chinese brand?

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone brand founded by former Oppo vice-president Pete Lau and Carl Pei in December 2013. The company is one of the three subsidiaries of BKK Electronics, the other two being Oppo and Vivo.

Is 1+ Phone good?

The best OnePlus phone currently available in terms of features is the OnePlus 9 Pro, with sheer premium quality, with the OnePlus 8 Pro reaching a close second. The OnePlus 9 is probably the best for most people because it provides the best balance between performance and price.

In which country OnePlus is cheapest?

OnePlus devices are the cheapest in the brand’s home country China.

Which OnePlus has dual SIM?

Compare with similar items

This item OnePlus 7T Dual-SIM 128GB/8GB RAM (GSM, CDMA) Factory Unlocked 4G/LTE Android Smartphone – International Version (Glacier Blue)
Screen Size 6.55 inches
Item Dimensions 6.34 x 2.93 x 0.32 inches
Item Weight 6.70 ounces
Operating System Android 10.0

Are 1+ phones Good?

It goes without saying that the new OnePlus 10 Pro is the best OnePlus phone that you can buy. It’s got the latest specs, excellent battery life, and the best cameras we’ve ever seen from OnePlus. We love a lot about this phone, including its eye-catching design.

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