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Is St George close to Zion National Park?

Is St George close to Zion National Park?

George. The Greater St. George area is located between 45 minutes – 1 hour from Springdale and Zion National Park.

How do I get from St George to Zion National Park?

George Shuttle, the St. George to Zion National park service departs from St. George, UT-1275 East Red Hills Parkway and arrives in Zion National park. Typically 35 services run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary so check in advance.

Is Zion closed?

Zion National Park is Open The park is open every day of the year.

Is St. George Utah worth visiting?

St. George is one of our favorite jumping-off points in the country for outdoor recreation and family-friendly adventures. Zion National Park is an obvious highlight and one of our favorite national parks, but there are loads more options for hiking, climbing, biking, and cooling off in the water.

Is Bryce Canyon near St. George?

Bryce Canyon is a National Park located in Southern Utah and is just north east of Zion National Park. It is approximately 2.5 hours driving distance from St. George. This park has phenomenal views and hikes that are a must see!

What shoes do you wear in The Narrows?

Closed-toe shoes — sturdy, closed-toe hiking shoes with excellent ankle support are essential for this hike. Hiking in the river is challenging, and it’s easy to roll an ankle or smash a toe. Sandals or other open-toe shoes will not protect your toes from getting crushed between the rocks as your feet slide around.

Can you drive through Zion National Park?

While you can only drive through Zion Canyon in your own car a few months out of the year, you can always drive the Mount Carmel Highway. This 12-mile highway connects the south and east entrances of Zion National Park, and driving it is an experience in itself.

Can you drive into Zion right now?

Operating Hours & Seasons. Zion National Park is open all year.

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