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Is SystemVerilog queue synthesizable?

Is SystemVerilog queue synthesizable?

Queues are SystemVerilog and they are not synthesizable. Queues are intended only to be used in simulation for verification and behavioral modeling. If you want a queue functionality to synthesize, then you must create an fixed sized array and manage the pointer(s).

What are queues in SystemVerilog?

A SystemVerilog queue is a First In First Out scheme which can have a variable size to store elements of the same data type. It is similar to a one-dimensional unpacked array that grows and shrinks automatically. They can also be manipulated by indexing, concatenation and slicing operators.

How do you declare a queue in SystemVerilog?

Queue in SystemVerilog Queues are declared using the same syntax as unpacked arrays, but specifying $ as the array size. In queue 0 represents the first, and $ representing the last entries. A queue can be bounded or unbounded.

How do I search for a queue in SystemVerilog?

find_index() – returns the indexes of all the elements satisfying the given expression. find_first() – returns the first element satisfying the given expression. find_first_index() – returns the index of the first element satisfying the given expression.

What is synthesizable and non synthesizable?

For something to be synthesizable it has to be able to be represented in hardware, i.e. using logic gates. An example of something that is non-synthesizable would be initializing a design with values assigned to signals or registers. This cannot be translated to hardware, therefor is non-synthesizable.

What is the difference between dynamic array and queue?

Dynamic Arrays vs Queues We use queues when we are only interested in adding or removing elements at the beginning or end of the array. The reason for this is that dynamic arrays are stored in contiguous memory addresses during simulation.

What is queue in UVM?

The uvm_queue class builds a dynamic queue that to be allotted on-demand basis and passed by reference.

What is the difference between mailbox and queue in SystemVerilog?

Although a SystemVerilog mailbox essentially behaves like a queue, it is quite different from the queue data type. A simple queue can only push and pop items from either the front or the back. However, a mailbox is a built-in class that uses semaphores to have atomic control the push and pop from the queue.

Is Fork join synthesizable?

Fork-join blocks are not synthesizable while begin-end blocks are synthesizable.

Is Verilog faster than C?

The computer understands this machine code, and it performs the task defined in the program. C programs are executed faster than interpreter-based programming languages such as PHP, Python, etc.

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