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Is The Magnificent Seven a remake?

Is The Magnificent Seven a remake?

The Magnificent seven is the remake of the western classic The Magnificient Seven that released in 1960 starring Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, and Charles Bronson, to name a few, in pivotal roles. The 2016 released film was directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Is The Magnificent Seven funny?

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN has a solid story structure, with exciting, suspenseful and even funny moments. However, the introduction of the seven heroes is not as fun, or as heroic, as the 1960 movie.

Will there be a Magnificent Seven 2 with Denzel Washington?

The Magnificent Seven remake starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke arrived in 2016, though it’s modest gross makes a sequel unlikely. Lee Van Cleef (Escape From New York) took over as Chris for The Magnificent Seven Ride, with his performance and the movie, in general, carrying a much darker vibe.

Is The Magnificent Seven worth watching?

In the end, The Magnificent Seven comes off as an excellent remake of a masterpiece. There are better Westerns out there, and there are better action films, but there aren’t many. I gave it a nine out of ten. Go in expecting to be entertained, but little more, and you cannot go wrong.

Why did they remake The Magnificent Seven?

Fuqua said he wanted to remake the film because the subject of tyranny and terrorism still prevails as it did in Seven Samurai.

How many of the Magnificent 7 are still alive?

Robert Vaughn, who died on November 11, 2016, was the last surviving member of the seven; and Rosenda Monteros was the last surviving cast member until her death on December 29, 2018.

Who killed Jack Horne?

Former coal miner Jack Horne of Kentucky died last week from advanced black lung disease at the age of 66. Horne was featured last year in an NPR and PBS Frontline investigation into the epidemic.

Is actor Horst Buchholz still alive?

March 3, 2003Horst Buchholz / Date of death

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