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Is the PC party left or right wing?

Is the PC party left or right wing?

Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada Parti conservateur du Canada
Headquarters 1720–130 Albert Street Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4
Membership (2022) 600,000+
Ideology Conservatism Economic liberalism Internal factions: Blue Toryism Red Toryism
Political position Centre-right to right-wing

What does PC stand for conservative?

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario Parti progressiste-conservateur de l’Ontario
Abbreviation PC
Leader Doug Ford
President Brian Patterson
Founded 1854 (as Conservative Party of Canada West)

What does PC stand for in political parties?

= Prohibition Party. PAC = Politicians are Crooks. PAF = Peace and Freedom. PC. = Petitioning Candidate.

What is the conservative slogan?

2017 general election

Party Slogan
National Conservative Forward, Together Strong and Stable
Green Party of England and Wales A Green Party for a Confident and Caring Britain The Green Guarantee
Labour Party For the Many, not the Few
Liberal Democrats Change Britain’s Future

What does PC stand for in Canadian politics?

The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (PC; French: Parti progressiste-conservateur du Canada) was a centre-right federal political party in Canada that existed from 1942 to 2003.

What is a PC person?

Word forms: PCs If you say that someone is PC, you mean that they are extremely careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society who have a disadvantage. PC is an abbreviation for politically correct.

What was the conservative slogan in 2019?

Conservative Party 2019 General Election Campaign

Candidate Boris Johnson
Key people Isaac Levido (campaign manager) Dominic Cummings (Chief Special Advisor to the Prime Minister) Lee Cain (Downing Street Director of Communications)
Slogan Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain’s Potential

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