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Is there a part 2 to Waiting to Exhale?

Is there a part 2 to Waiting to Exhale?

The wait is over! Angela Bassett says the original cast of “Waiting to Exhale” will reunite in the sequel, “Getting to Happy.” The “Jumping the Broom” star recently confirmed rumors that she, along with Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine, and Lela Rochon will have a role in the follow-up film…

What happens at the end of Waiting to Exhale?

Savannah ends up permanently dumping her married lover. Bernadine gets a large divorce settlement from her ex-husband and finds love with a widowed civil rights attorney who encourages her to pursue her catering dream. Robin ends up pregnant by her married lover, but dumps him, and chooses to raise the baby on her own.

When was waiting exhale filmed?

‘Waiting to Exhale’ (1995) Terry McMillan’s best-seller about female friendship came to the screen featuring a cast that includes Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon, Loretta Devine and Whitney Houston and a great title song, “Exhale (Shoop Shoop),” performed by Houston.

Was Angela Bassett friends with Whitney Houston?

Bassett And Houston Worked Together On ‘Waiting To Exhale’ Working with Houston was a dream come true for Bassett, and the two quickly became close friends outside the set. In 2020, she told Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight, “You know, working with Whitney…we were all such a fan.

Who is Herbert in Waiting to Exhale?

Luis Sharpe
Waiting to Exhale (1995) – Luis Sharpe as Herbert – IMDb.

Was Whitney Houston on drugs while filming Waiting to Exhale?

“I don’t think the realized she had a problem until after ‘The Bodyguard,'” Lavar said. “It was no longer recreational, that this was something that she was doing more out of necessity than just to have fun.” Houston overdosed on cocaine in 1995 when filming “Waiting to Exhale.”

Who did the singing in the movie Whitney?

singer Deborah Cox
Canadian R&B singer Deborah Cox performs all of Houston’s vocals in the film, including “I Will Always Love You”, “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, “I’m Every Woman”, “Jesus Loves Me” and “The Greatest Love of All”.

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