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Is ZZR600 a good bike?

Is ZZR600 a good bike?

The Kawasaki ZZR600 is not an obvious contender when looking for fast, powerful bikes, but unless you have ridden one, you won’t know how amazing it truly is. This bike has been named the “bike that gets you nicked in second gear” for its ability to reach high speeds in a blink of an eye.

How fast is a 2007 Kawasaki ZZR600?

Kawasaki ZX-6 and ZZR600

Manufacturer Kawasaki
Bore / stroke 66.0 mm × 43.8 mm (2.60 in × 1.72 in)
Top speed 153 mph (246 km/h)
Power 99 hp (74 kW) (claimed) 88 hp (66 kW) (rear wheel)
Transmission six speed

Is a 06 Kawasaki ZZR600 fuel injected?

Power comes from a liquid-cooled, in-line four with dual overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder; again, sportbike all the way. Kawasaki’s Twin Ram Air Induction system feeds air into the four 36mm carburetors. Yes, carbs, not fuel injection, which actually work better in many respects.

How much is a Kawasaki ZZR600 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $7,299 $2,635
Options (Change)
Total Price $7,299 $2,635

How much does a Kawasaki zzr600 weight?

Frame type Aluminium twin spar
Fuel capacity 18 litres
Seat height 780mm
Bike weight 182kg

Is a Zzr a sport bike?

The ZZ-R1200 or ZX-12C, is a sport bike made by Kawasaki from (2002-2005)….Kawasaki ZZ-R1200.

Manufacturer Kawasaki
Class Sport bike
Engine 1,164 cc (71.0 cu in) four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 16-valve DOHC, inline-four
Top speed 169–186 mph (272–299 km/h)
Power 160 hp (120 kW) at 9,800 rpm 145.2 hp (108.3 kW) (rear wheel)

What does Zzr stand for Kawasaki?

Motoring: A Ferrari at Fiesta prices you need real willpower to buy this Kawasaki. The life underwriting result is under pressure from costs of regulatory additional reserving requirements (ZZR), which totalled EUR346 million in 2017, up from EUR328 million in 2016.

What year did Kawasaki stop using carburetors?

It’s been done before. In 2014 the Kawasaki KLX250S vanished along with its carburetor. In 2018, the KLX250S returned. The carb was gone, and in its place was a modern EFI system.

What year did Kawasaki go fuel Injected?

Second Generation 2009-2011. The next major innovation would be in 2009, as Kawasaki introduced fuel injection. Reviewers raved of the performance effect of the new injectors, and in proceeding years the technology would spread across the KX lineup.

How much HP does a zx6r have?

Making 94.9 kW (127.3 hp) @ 13,500 RPM and 70.6 N⋅m (52.1 lb⋅ft) @ 11,500 RPM, it has the jam to perform on the street and on the track.

How fast does a Kawasaki Zzr?

154 mph

Top speed & performance
Max power 99 bhp
Max torque 47 ft-lb
Top speed 154 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 11.3 secs

How fast is a zzr1200?

Kawasaki ZZ-R1200

Manufacturer Kawasaki
Top speed 169–186 mph (272–299 km/h)
Power 160 hp (120 kW) at 9,800 rpm 145.2 hp (108.3 kW) (rear wheel)
Torque 92 lb⋅ft (125 N⋅m) 87.1 lb⋅ft (118.1 N⋅m) (rear wheel)
Transmission six-speed, chain drive

Does the 2007 ZX-6R have a slipper clutch?

These ball bearing slipper clutches are not only lighter, but offer far superior engagement and feel over OEM slipper clutch assemblies. The kit has consistent feel throughout engagement and has excellent launching and off-throttle control. Utilizes a coil spring.

Is 2007 ZX-6R fuel injected?

The engine was fuel injected and engine speed was raised around 500 RPM which resulted in a slight gain in power. Radial-mounted four-piston brakes replaced the previous six-piston brakes and the front forks were now inverted. Chassis improvements resulted in higher rigidity and less weight.

Is 2007 zx6r fuel injected?

Is the 2007 ZX-6R fuel injected?

How long do ZX-6R engines last?

Generally, Kawasaki motorcycles can run flawlessly well past 100,000 miles up, depending upon the model of your bike and how well-maintained it is. This means that with adequate and regular maintenance and heedful riding habits, your Kawasaki motorcycle is expected to last for over 30 years on the road.

Is the zzr1200 fuel injected?

It was even more powerful than the fuel injected Honda CBR1100XX. It has been said it was more powerful than any other production motorcycle carbureted or not at 9,800 rpm where it made peak power except the Suzuki Hayabusa or ZX-12R….Kawasaki ZZ-R1200.

Manufacturer Kawasaki
Transmission six-speed, chain drive

How much horsepower does a 2007 ZX6R have?

Water cooled, 636cc, Inline-4, DOHC

Power: 130.52 HP (96 kW) @ 14000 rpm
Torque: 68.88 Nm (50.8 lb-ft) @ 12000 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Top speed: 161.56 mph
Curb weight: 405.7 lbs

Is 2007 ZX6R fuel injected?

Is the Suzuki ZZR600 a good bike to buy?

Version: ZZR600 / ZX6E Year: 2004 Purchased new in 2004 and runs like new @ 40K miles. This is a fast bike that doesn’t compromise on comfort. It won’t wear you out on long rides. It has great wind protection and it is stable at high speeds or on wet roads.

What are the most common problems with the Kawasaki ZZR600?

Cush drive wear, corrosion of downpipes and sagginess of old suspension are the most common complaints from Kawasaki ZZR600 owners but, overall, the bike’s a tough one. The engine’s excellent and it’s common to see Kawasaki ZZR600s knock up some vast mileages.

What kind of tires does a Chevy ZZR600 have?

The ZZR600 is shod with high-performance radial tires mounted on 17-inch aluminum wheels. The 120/65ZR17 front and 180/55ZR17 rear tires provide maximum traction and help provide a smooth ride over bumpy surface streets and freeway expansion joints.

What kind of transmission does a Yamaha ZZR600 have?

The high-tech engine is matched to a close-ratio six-speed transmission, providing the ZZR600 rider with the best gear for any riding situation, whether it’s freeway droning or handling some back road twisties.

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