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Was Storage Hunters UK Fake?

Was Storage Hunters UK Fake?

A&E screencap “Storage Wars” fans, get ready for a dose of reality. According to star David Hester, A&E’s top-rated program is a fake. If you’ve never seen an episode of the series, the show follows a group of professional buyers who bid on unpaid storage units to, hopefully, find something worth selling for a profit.

How old is Linda from storage hunters UK?

The 47-year-old has been buying and selling professionally for 20 years and is a well known face at the auction rooms in her local area. She’s ultra-competitive and isn’t afraid to take risks meaning she’s definitely one to watch.

Who is Linda Lambert?

Linda Lambert is professor emeritus at California State University, Hayward. She began her career in the field of probation, where she soon discovered that influencing education held more promise for influencing the lives of children.

Are Nat and John from Storage Hunters still together?

Natalie and John Maddox, when they’re not bickering on Storage Hunters UK, this married couple can be found running a kooky antique shop called Anterior of Astbury from a converted barn. They specialise in a wide range of eclectic items including antique furniture, taxidermy and even ‘Gentleman’s Antiques’.

What happened to Brandon and Lori from Storage Wars?

Brandon and Lori Bernier are currently based in the Santa Clarita Valley region of California, but travel all over the United States in search of storage auctions, as the subjects of the reality show, “Storage Hunters”.

Where is Sean Kelly Storage Hunters now?

Incredibly, Sean, who’s now based in London, has visited more than 80 of the countries Storage Hunters airs in.

Has Storage Hunters been Cancelled?

The series was cancelled on TruTV after Season 3 ended.

Who is the Boominator?

Colin Newell
Colin Newell (July 1973 – 25 November 2020), known as Heavy D or The Boominator, was a British TV personality.

What happened to Colin Newell?

Newell died on 25 November 2020 at the age of 47. He had a daughter born in 2019, with his ex-girlfriend, Bryony Harris.

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