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What are C-states and P states?

What are C-states and P states?

C-states are idle power saving states, in contrast to P-states, which are execution power saving states. During a P-state, the processor is still executing instructions, whereas during a C-state (other than C0), the processor is idle, meaning that nothing is executing.

What is P State?

Power performance states (ACPI P states) P-states provide a way to scale the frequency and voltage at which the processor runs so as to reduce the power consumption of the CPU. The number of available P-states can be different for each model of CPU, even those from the same family.

What are all the C-states?

The basic C-states (defined by ACPI) are:

  • C0: Active, CPU/Core is executing instructions.
  • C1: Halt, nothing is being executed, but it can return to C0 instantenously.
  • C2: Stop-Clock, similar to C1 but it takes longer time to go back to C0.
  • C3: Sleep.

How are C-states set?


  1. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Power and Performance Options > Minimum Processor Idle Power Core C-State.
  2. Select a setting. C6 State (default—lowest) C3 State. C1E State. No C-states.
  3. Save your setting.

What is P state driver?

AMD P-State driver – a performance scaling driver that introduces a new CPU frequency control mechanism on AMD Zen based CPU series in Linux kernel. Designed to give better power efficiency and can help the likes of the Steam Deck.

Should I enable C states?

C state is used for power saving and when you overclock you use the maximum power of the CPU, constantly. So you would not want to use c state. Disable both, also manual vcore always, adaptive might do some adjustments you don’t want to happen. First off an overclocked processor does not use maximum power constantly.

What is P-state driver?

What is P state coordination?

P-State Coordination This switch controls how BIOS communicates the P-state support model to the operating system. If this switch is set to “HW_ALL”, the processor hardware is responsible for coodinating the P-state among logical processors in a package.

Should I turn on C states?

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