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What are dolphins Habitat for kids?

What are dolphins Habitat for kids?

Dolphins live in moderate to warm ocean and sea waters throughout the world. Coastal dolphins live closer to the beaches, while offshore dolphins are larger and enjoy being far out in the deep waters of the oceans. Dolphins need easy access to food, clean water, and they travel in pods to find food and avoid predators.

What is the habitat of dolphin answer?

Habitat. Dolphins thrive in both tropical and cooler, more temperate waters. Humans have encountered dolphin pods both near shore and in deep offshore waters like the Indian Ocean. Some dolphin groups stay in one area for a lifetime while others migrate.

Where do common dolphins live?

Where They Live. Short-beaked common dolphins prefer warm tropical to cool temperate waters that are primarily offshore. They can be found along the continental slope in waters between 650 to 6,500 feet deep. In the western North Atlantic, they are often associated with the Gulf Stream current.

Where do the most dolphins live?

Dolphins inhabit a wide range of the world’s oceans. Most dolphins live in the shallow waters of the ocean’s continental shelves in tropical and temperate waters. There are also lesser-known dolphins in rivers of the world located in China, South America, India, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia.

Do dolphins have homes?

Habitat Basics Dolphins live in open oceans, coastal waters that include bays and inlets, river basins, certain inland seas, gulfs, and in channels.

What is dolphin food?

Dolphins are active predators and eat a wide variety of fishes, squids, and crustaceans such as shrimps. The foods available to a dolphin vary with its geographic location. Dolphins show strong preferences for certain species of food fish. Coastal dolphins tend to eat fishes and bottom-dwelling invertebrates.

Do dolphins live in cold water?

Whales and Dolphins can be found in almost every sea and ocean, from the Arctic ocean, through the tropics all the way to the Antarctic. Each species however has its own preferred type of habitat. Some live in cold water only, others in tropical oceans only.

Do dolphins live in rivers?

And while they’re most commonly associated with oceans, dolphins—and porpoises—can actually be found in several major rivers on two continents. River dolphins act as indicators of river health in the basins where they live.

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