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What are eastern German Shepherds?

What are eastern German Shepherds?

After World War II, the East German Shepherds, also referred to as DDR, were maintained by the government of East Germany, and breeding focused solely on workability. These dogs have a very distinct look, they have less angular hips compared to West German Shepherds. They tend to be smaller, lighter, and more compact.

What is an East German DDR shepherd?

The Deutsches Demokratische Republik (DDR) German Shepherd, also referred to as the East German Shepherd, is a bloodline of loyal and brave guard dogs bred in Germany following World War II.

Are East German shepherds good family dogs?

Are DDR German Shepherds Good with Children? Yes. If they are socialized from a young age to be around children, they are great. Since the DDR dogs have a balanced temperament and are extremely loyal to their family, they will protect your child as well as be a fun playmate.

How big do eastern German Shepherds get?

Male: 24–26 inches60–65 cm
Female: 22–24 inches55–60 cm
German Shepherd/Height

What is the difference between a German Shepherd and a East European Shepherd?

While the East European Shepherd does look very similar to a German Shepherd in appearance, the East European is larger and heavier built than the latter. The East European has a massive head with large erect ears held high, bright inquisitive large brown eyes, and a more dense coat than their counterpart.

Is East European shepherd a German Shepherd?

The East-European Shepherd was created from German Shepherds that were mixed with local northern breeds, molossers and some other breeds. The first standard that has formed the breed type of East-European Shepherd was approved in 1964 by the Cynologic Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.

How long do East German shepherds live?

9 – 13 yearsGerman Shepherd / Life span

What is the difference between a German Shepherd and an East European Shepherd?

Are Eastern European shepherds rare?

The East European Shepherd is now among the most numerous dog breeds in Russia and several former Soviet countries.

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