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What are JKS Quicker Disconnects?

What are JKS Quicker Disconnects?

The unique design of JKS Quicker Disconnects enables the user to quickly and easily fine tune the length to compensate for vehicle changes, such as: spring settling or sagging, minor lift changes, heavy accessories, vehicle trim or rake adjustments, and other factors that affect ride height.

What Jeep models have sway bar disconnect?

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JK, JL and JT models also come with an electronic disconnect sway bar system as standard equipment, allowing drivers to gain these advantages simply with the push of a button when going off-road.

Do I need sway bar disconnects?

There’s no reason at all why you’d want to disconnect the sway bars on your road car. And, for a four-wheel drive you only want to disconnect them when driving at low speeds off-road. Sway bars are designed to ensure your vehicle’s wheels don’t move too far up or down independently of the opposite wheel.

How do you remove sway bar TJ?

You can disconnect the sway bar by removing the nuts on the bolts and removing them from the sway bar connector which is about 8 inches long. You can swing the connectors up and rest them on the shock tower and this will keep the sway bar out of the way for your trail driving.

Can you manually disconnect a sway bar?

The easiest way to boost your articulation is to disconnect your front sway bar links. This can typically be done in just a few minutes with just a few tools. Doing this will greatly boost your Wrangler’s flex and it will make the ride on the trails smoother.

Do All Wranglers have sway bar disconnects?

Yep, standard on Rubicons. You can add your own sway bar quick-disconnects to anything else, but it seems like you have a Rubicon, so no need to over think it.

What year Jeeps have sway bar disconnect?

Simple answer to your question is 2007, with the launch of the JK generation.

How does JK sway bar disconnect work?

My understanding–in line with what Jimbo said–is that when you push the button inside your cabin, the yellow disconnect actually severs the sway bar in half. This allows the driver’s side of the orange sway bar to move independent of the passenger side, thereby allow for more articulation.

Can you drive with sway bar disconnected?

The track bars are fine to remove and I doubt you’ll notice anything but a smoother ride. The sway bar is up to you, some remove it and have no problerm. I removed mine but felt some body roll at higher speed so I went to sway bar disconnects which I remove for off-road driving.

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