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What are the 5 Fluency skills?

What are the 5 Fluency skills?

The 5 Main Fluencies of The 21st Century Learning

  • Solution Fluency.
  • Creativity Fluency.
  • Collaboration Fluency.
  • Media Fluency.
  • Information Fluency.

What is creativity Fluency?

Creativity Fluency is the process by which artistic proficiency adds meaning through design, art, and storytelling. It is about using innovative design to add value to the function of a product though the form. The process of Creativity Fluency is defined by the 5Is. Interpolate. Imagine.

What is information fluency of 21st century?

The Digital Information Fluency Model (21CIF) This model is specifically shaped around digital information and describes digital information fluency as the ability to locate, analyze and use digital information in an effective, efficient and ethical manner.

What is solution Fluency?

solution. fluency. Solution Fluency is the ability to think creatively to solve problems in real time by clearly defining the problem, designing an appropriate solution, delivering the solution and then evaluating the process and the outcome.

What is an example of technological fluency?

Technological fluency can also be broken down into subcategories: Computer literacy includes understanding computers, knowing their parts, and using general computer applications, such as word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, and the Internet (Fulton, 1998, p. 14).

Why is creative fluency important?

Fluency is all about generating a lot of different ideas. It is a valuable skill to practice because when you have many different ideas, you have more options and are therefore more likely to find more viable solutions to your problem.

What are the 6 fluency skills?

Literacy • Numeracy • Information and communication technology competence • Critical and creative thinking • Personal and social competence • Ethical behaviour • Intercultural understanding. (ACARA, 2011). There is no doubt that these general capabilities are important as skills for the twenty- first century.

What is the 6 DS solution fluency?

The 6Ds of Solution Fluency are an essential system for building problem-solving prowess and strong critical thinking capacity. These 6Ds are Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Debrief.

What is digital information fluency?

Digital Information Fluency (DIF) is the ability to find, evaluate and use digital information effectively, efficiently and ethically.

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