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What are the best Warlock exotic armor?

What are the best Warlock exotic armor?

The 10 Best Exotics For Warlocks In Destiny 2, Ranked

  • 8 Verity’s Brow.
  • 7 The Stag.
  • 6 Lunafaction Boots.
  • 5 Karnstein Armlets.
  • 4 Contraverse Hold.
  • 3 Boots Of The Assembler.
  • 2 Transversive Steps.
  • 1 Ophidian Aspect.

How do you get Warlock exotic legs?

To get the Secant Filaments exotic Warlock legs in Destiny 2, you must farm Lost Sectors. Farming Lost Sectors is the best method for getting any of the new Witch Queen armor exotics. Completing just one Lost Sector won’t be enough to get you the exotic. But you can’t just farm any old Lost Sector.

What can you get from exotic engrams?

He always brings an Exotic weapon, one Exotic armor piece for each class, a Fated Engram that grants a non-duplicate Exotic item, and an Exotic Cipher quest. Completing this quest lets you purchase a second non-duplicate Fated Engram or an older Exotic from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower.

Is Shadebinder still good?

Shadebinder Build. Stasis subclasses continue to be some of the best PVE classes in Destiny 2. The Shadebinder subclass for warlocks is so good, players do not even have to worry about mods and exotics. Guardians should be using the Coldsnap grenade, which will freeze enemies within a wide radius.

Which Warlock grenade is best?

Compared to others in the class, the pulse grenade is the best Warlock Arc grenade. Pulse grenades have a massive AOE and fair well in any mode in the game.

How do I get exotic Warlock gloves?

Acquiring these gloves will take a fair amount of grind in this season of Destiny 2. The quickest way to get the Osmiomnacy is to clear all Witch Queen’s campaign missions on Legendary difficulty as a Warlock.

Are Transversive steps good?

Transversive Steps are a mediocre pair of boots in the Warlock Exotic wardrobe. This Destiny 2 Exotics offer an interesting perk that is only really super valuable in one or two situations. Outside of this very specific time, most players are going to opt for something a bit more flashy and useful.

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