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What are the different types of gazelles?

What are the different types of gazelles?


Genus Common and binomial names Range
Gazella Chinkara or Indian gazelle G. bennettii Iran, Pakistan and India
Mountain gazelle G. gazella Israel, the Golan Heights, Dubai and Turkey
Rhim gazelle G. leptoceros Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya and Sudan
Speke’s gazelle G. spekei Horn of Africa

How do I identify my gazelle?

Gazelles can be identified by their curved, ringed horns, tan or reddish-brown coats and white rumps. Often, there are spots or stripes on their coats. Their light frames help make them agile and better able to escape from predators.

What is the most common type of gazelle?

Thomson’s gazelles
Thomson’s gazelles can be found in numbers exceeding 200,000 in Africa and are recognized as the most common type of gazelle in East Africa.

Is a dik dik a gazelle?

The animals in this subfamily are all small to medium-sized antelopes found in Africa and Eursia. Most species live in open, arid areas and are grazers. In most species, both the male and the female have horns.

What does a Thomson’s gazelle look like?

These small gazelles, named for researcher Joseph Thomson, have light-brown coats with dark stripes running down their sides, a white patch on their rumps extending underneath the tail, and ridged horns that curve backward. Females may have shorter, smoother, and slimmer horns than males or none at all.

How can you tell the difference between a male and female gazelle?

Male mountain gazelles weigh between 17 and 29.5 kg, whereas the smaller females weigh 16-25 kg. They are sexually dimorphic with the males being larger and having larger horns. Toothrows of mountain gazelles are nearly straight. Gazelles have a slender build with proportionally long necks and legs.

What does a Thomson gazelle look like?

Is an Impala a gazelle?

Both males and females have horns. Arguably counter-intuitive: Impalas are antelopes, but impalas are not gazelles. While they are comparably small at around 40 to 80kg, they are still not considered a gazelle.

What is the difference gazelle and impala?

Secondly, in most species of gazelles both male and female animals have horns. For example, with impalas, only males have horns. That’s why an impala is an antelope, but not a gazelle. Another difference between gazelles and other antelopes is that only gazelles tend to display a behaviour known as stotting.

Is a springbok a gazelle?

springbok, (Antidorcas marsupialis), also called springbuck, graceful, strikingly marked antelope of the gazelle tribe, Antilopini (family Bovidae, order Artiodactyla). The springbok is native to the open, treeless plains of southern Africa. It once roamed in enormous herds but is now much reduced in numbers.

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