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What are the five core values of Tri Sigma?

What are the five core values of Tri Sigma?

Tri Sigma is built around our core values of faith, hope, love, wisdom, and power.

What are tri sigma values?

OUR VALUES Wisdom, power, faith, hope, and love.

What is Tri Sigma known for?

Check out Tri Sigma! Tri Sigma, also known as Sigma Sigma Sigma, is a National American women’s sorority that provides scholarship, programming, social, and service activities.

What is the Tri Sigma Foundation?

The Tri Sigma Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Tri Sigma Sorority, supporting programs consistent with our mission, vision and values. The Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities for donors to support scholarship, leadership development, philanthropy and service.

Is Tri Sigma Panhellenic?

Sigma Sigma Sigma joined the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) in 1951, becoming part of the premier advocacy and support organization for the advancement of the sorority experience.

How many members of Tri Sigma are there?

125,000 members
With more than 125,000 members, there are a variety of identities represented in Tri Sigma. We know that being empowered means learning about the experiences of others, approaching a conversation with vulnerability, and being committed to action.

What is the Tri Sigma flower?

the purple violet
The official flower is the purple violet, established at the founding.

How many chapters does Tri Sigma have?

Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority has 111 active chapters. Active chapters noted in bold, inactive chapters noted in italics. Chapters listed in order of founding.

Is Tri Sigma a non profit?

The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and gifts are tax deductible to the extend allowable by law. To date the Foundation has awarded nearly $1,500,000 for scholarships and leadership programs as well as $3,000,000 in therapeutic play/child life programs.

What does Sigma mean in Greek life?

In both Ancient and Modern Greek, the sigma represents the voiceless alveolar fricative /s/.

How old is Tri Sigma?

Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded by a group of eight women on April 20, 1898 in Farmville, Virginia.

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