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What are the projects in Houston?

What are the projects in Houston?

Here are just some of the projects that are helping reshape the look of Houston.

  • 1550 on the Green and Discovery West.
  • East River.
  • Post Houston.
  • Katy Boardwalk.
  • The Allen.
  • Autry Park.
  • Midtown Innovation District.
  • Skanska Montrose.

Where are the projects in Houston?


  • Holman Streetscape. 1199-1101 Holman St, Houston, TX 77004.
  • Baldwin Park. 1701 Elgin St, Houston, TX 77004.
  • Caroline Street Reconstruction. 2600-2698 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004.
  • Main Street Enhancement Project.
  • Midtown Park.
  • Brazos Street Reconstruction.
  • Bagby Street Greenroads Project.
  • Bagby Park.

What are the biggest problems in Houston?

“We hope our findings help policymakers by reinforcing the areas of most concern to people living in the Houston area.”…Flooding, Violent Crime Top Concerns of Harris County Residents

  • Failing public schools 55%
  • Streets in poor condition 53%
  • Homeless population 52%
  • Lack of access to health care 51%
  • Traffic congestion 50%

Is Houston a good city to work in?

1. Job Opportunities. With more Fortune 500 companies located in Houston than anywhere else, except New York City, Houston is a wellspring for high-paying, and highly-skilled, jobs. These jobs span high-demand sectors such as healthcare, education, aerospace, and energy.

Is Houston up and coming?

By Population, Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S, and according to this report from the census, Houston grew by 10.7% between April 2010 and July 2019. Furthermore, the city is expected to see another population surge between 2020 and 2029; about 1.2 million more.

What is the new building going up in downtown Houston?

HOUSTON – (Realty News Report) – The 47-story Texas Tower, developed by the Hines and Ivanhoé Cambridge real estate firms, is now open in downtown Houston – the first such building for the city in almost three years.

How do people commute in Houston?

Most commuters drive alone and only 4 percent use public transit. On a typical workday, according to the report, it takes between 30 and 50 minutes to get to downtown from Alief by car but can take almost an hour and a half by transit with multiple transfers.

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